11 June 2015

A birthday Haul Fit For A 6 Year Old!

A fortnight ago it was Thomas' 6th birthday. 6th... his 6th birthday... how has that happened?! I really don't know how time has flown so quick. In the blink of an eye he is growing into his own unique individual person and it's great to see how he grows and learns each day, exploring the world. 

But our oldest son, Thomas, no longer likes the toys that he already has, growing up and now preferring toys for older boys but still having the ultimate love for all things wheeled. For that reason, we obviously went for some new cars and trucks. Being obsessed with the emergency services, I knew that he would love a new fire and rescue command centre and some bikes to go with it. 

To match Thomas' Fireman Sam set, we finished his collection by getting him the quad bike which he had been wanting for ages. He had spent so long saving up and collecting the whole Fireman Sam toy set and this was the last piece to complete it. 

As a May baby, he is lucky as survey of 1,000 UK adults by the Post Office gift card, One4all, has revealed that May is the month Brits would most prefer to be born in as not only does the sun shine most of the month but there are 2 Bank Holidays which gives those extra days off to celebrate. This is opposite to December which has been voted the worst month to have a birthday in as, being so close to Christmas people don't have as much money for presents and it's usually rubbish weather too. 

Within the survey there were some results that stood out to me as odd. Apparently, 1 in 4 people feel having a birthday outside of the school holidays makes celebrations more enjoyable. I don't know who that 25% of people are, but for me, the school holidays is so much better as it means you have more options, no school run to get up for and those extra special days with family. 

So it looks like Thomas has landed on his feet by being born in May, especially since his birthday falls just before the 2nd Bank holiday, as he grows older he gets the extra long weekend to celebrate his birthday (we usually go away that weekend as a surprise) and when he's a grown man, he'll be able to celebrate his birthday and then have a few days to re-cooperate before going back to work. 

But for now, lets get back to him being 6 year old and show what else he got for his birthday...

Thomas has a new love for anything Marvel, it is something he talks about all the time and so I knew that he'd love a fab Spider-Man web shooter. I don't usually like him having guns and things like that, but this shoots foam webs which fly around the air rather than being able to hurt anyone and so I didn't mind. 

We then got to work finding the Avengers figure collection for him. Unfortunately, we couldn't find Captain America anywhere on the websites we were ordering from and knew that Thomas, although be pleased what he had received, he would be a bit sad that he didn't have his favourite character. 

Then we were saved by One4all who sent me a gift card to spend for Thomas' birthday and so I was on a mission to scour the stores to find the elusive Captain America. Luckily, One4all gift cards can be spent is a whole range of stores and after some searching, I eventually found Captain America in ToysRUs and quickly purchased him, knowing that Thomas would be delighted with this present. 

Captain America sit proudly in place with the rest of his Avengers co-stars that Thomas also got for his birthday, the Hulk, Iron Man and Thor. What's more, they all have buttons on their chests and when pressed, will talk to each other.

To finish off the toys that he received from us if Thor's hammer. Again, like the Spider-Man shooter, I was apprehensive about getting this as I imagined Thomas thinking he was Thor and beating people with it. Luckily, the hammer has soft foam edges and is light weight so he couldn't actually hurt anyone with it. 

When Thomas opened his presents from us, to say he was excited was an understatement. He couldn't believe just how much he'd received and has not stopped playing with it all, having adventures with Charlie and the Avengers figures and saving people with the rescue vehicles. 

What's more, he then got to open presents off everyone else which has left his bedroom packed full of fun new toys. 

Now we just need to start looking for what to get Charlie for his birthday...


  1. What a brilliant selection of presents for a 6 year old boy, and I'm so pleased you did manage to find Captain America!

    1. Me too, he was so excited to receive his favourite character x

  2. That is one lucky 6 year old ! great presents !!

  3. Wow - lucky boy - my son would love this!


    1. not bad prices either as we shopped around

  4. What a fab selection of pressies, he's one very lucky boy.

  5. Brilliant gifts! I bet he was over the moon.