9 June 2015

A Bedroom To Grow In To - My Ryobi Revamp

For the past couple of weeks, Ryobi have challenged us to try and revamp and existing room of ours and see if we can improve its use with a couple of their products to help. I decided to choose the boys bedroom.

Before The Revamp
Ever since we moved in to this house 6 years ago, the boys bedroom has been the same. A bit bright in the paint stakes, one wall being dark green, one blue and the others light yellow and green. Back then, my non style conscious self, thought this was fine. I didn't need to decorate because these are all colours that would suit Thomas and grow with him.

Well wasn't I wrong. Now, 6 years down the line, the green has faded, the dark blue is looking tatty, not mentioning the fact that Charlie has used the walls as his own personal race course for his cars, they are now also covered in scratched off paint and lines where the wheels have scraped the walls. 

Then we go to the bed situation. Thomas was fine and had a gorgeous solid pine single bed which cost us a fortune. I loved this bed and thought it would last years. This became a problem though when Charlie moved into the room too. Realising that this single bed was so bulky with the solid wood, that it took up most of the room and therefore, Charlie has been sleeping in a junior bed since he went into the room.

There is not enough room to fit 2 singles in there and have room to move around and bunk beds are just too high for Charlie at the moment, so we got a bit stuck as to what to do.

The overall d├ęcor was a mixture of old things that Thomas used to like. Fireman Sam curtains, a canvas each of Fireman Sam and Baby Loony Toons which are personalised with their names and a Winnie The Pooh clock. As you can see, no real theme going on. And the cupboards didn't make it any better.

When purchased them, I assumed that the fabric style cupboards would be perfect as it meant that I could easily locate and find whatever item of clothing of theirs without having to search drawers. That was all well and good, but they don't half make the bedroom look tatty with all the clothes being on show. 

Design Stage
So now was the time to come up with a new design for the room. The boys love the Avengers at the moment, so I was tempted to buy a huge wall mural for the main wall and use that as the base, but then I got to thinking, what happens when they go off Avengers and I then need to redo the whole room once again. 

So I changed my mind, instead going for a cream base to the room. This would not only give a blank canvas to work from, but it makes the room look bigger and clean and tidy. Plus, if Charlie decides to drive his cars along the walls, it is easy to touch up. Buying plain blue curtains and bedding to give the room a boyish colour and means that they will never grow out of them. 

There was one aspect of the room that I was dreading doing, the drawers. I knew that we were going to use some gorgeous pine drawers that had been put in the spare room, I just didn't know how we were going to fix them up as they were wobbly where screws had come loose and they had gloss paint marks on the top from when we'd painted the spare room.

Thankfully Ryobi were on hand to give us some help and sent us some tools from their One+ range. The One+ range is the number 1 tool and battery system. You see, it's one collection that can fit together. All the tools in the range feature the same battery and charger so there is no need to purchase different ones and fill your tool shed up with different chargers. You can buy any tool (with over 20 in the range) then expand your family without the need for additional batteries and chargers.

First up, they sent us the Ryobi 18V Cordless Drill/Driver for all our drilling and screwing needs. This really did come in handy as the drawers that we had were really old and worn. all the screws needed to come out and new ones went in to tighten and hold it together solid.

The drill was super easy to use as, after the battery has been charged you can just get to work. It has a magnetic plate which holds the screws until you need them so you don't have to worry about having to hold extra screws in your hands.

Having a drill will now come in handy, especially from my husbands point of view, as he's no good at DIY at all. In fact, he once tried to fix our cabinet by hammering the screws in. Yes, as you'd imagine, that didn't work. It means that he can now use screws without a hammer in sight!

After all the screws were in, the drawers were sanded with the help of the Ryobi 18V Cordless Random Orbit Sander. This came with 3 sanding pads which attached to the sander easily with the help of heavy-duty Velcro to hold them in place.

The Ryobi Orbit sander is so quick to use, just click the battery into place, press the switch and off you go. I started off slowly, in circular motions, going around the top of the drawers and focusing more on the marks that were worse than others. I was actually surprised how quickly the paint stains came off as I was sure that they wouldn't be fully removed.

Using the sander has brought them up looking clean, actually looking brand new, with a neat finish to them as you can see below from the before, during and after photo.

- Please note that whilst using a sander, you must wear a mask to stop dust from getting into your system and make sure you are in a well ventilated area, preferably outside if possible. 

What's more, the battery that fits all the tools has a little button, which when pressed, shows how much battery is left so you know when it needs charging and you just simply need to slot it into the 18V One+ Charger and within 1 hour it will be fully charged which is great if working to a tight schedule.

I then had to combat the bed situation. After research and searching loads, I came up with an idea which I thought was genius...

Instead of trying to squeeze in 2 single beds or having bunk beds which are just too high for a 3 year old, I bought a midi bed. Just the one, and thought of a creative way of making the boys own, lower down bunk beds. This was simple as midi beds have a lot of space underneath so this meant that we put one mattress on the top, which became Thomas' bed and the other mattress underneath, at floor level, which became Charlie's bed.

A perfect way to get 2 beds into one room and save space at the same time. And it worked! There is enough space between the bunks and will last the boys years to come without the fear of them outgrowing the room now there is only one bed taking up space.

After - The Results
The midi bed was fixed together with the help of the Ryobi drill and the new curtains, duvets and a light fitting were put up too which gave us our boys bedroom base for them to grow into throug the years.

As the boys love the Avengers, we decided to finish with this theme but wanted to make sure that it could be interchangeable for if the boys then start liking something else. To make it easier to change, we bought a huge canvas to go across the main wall with a matching Avengers wall decal and clock. Some neatly placed out Avengers figures that Thomas got for his birthday were placed out to finish the room off.

That's it,we are done. One bedroom, designed to be easily changeable as the boys grow and with a great space saving idea from the bed, whilst reusing old furniture which had been fixed up with thanks to Ryobi. 


  1. Where did you get the canvas from??? I really want one like that for my eldest son


    1. And I've bookmarked this page so I can come back and see what you say :)


    2. Ebay, drop me an email if you would like the link to it :-)

  2. Love the revamp! We are just doing the same thing in our house so this blog is really useful!

    1. Thank you, it's nice to see ideas that other people have x

  3. My daddy is drooling over the power tools! Great make-over and review! Well done looks fab :) #TriedTested

  4. Oh wow! The room looks fantastic! Well done!
    I will have to have a closer look at this drill, my fella has been after one for ages x

  5. Love the sander! Looks like you've done a fab job
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  6. Oh wow what a great update, I bet your boy loved this Comic inspired bedroom! Thanks for sharing

    laura x

  7. Aww, what an amazing job you've done Michaela! I love the theme :) I've just done up Stacey's room (well, we're still awaiting one shelving unit) and I can't wait to start on Ozzy's. I can't decide between George Pig or Thomas though - he loves both!!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou