24 May 2015

What To Do Whilst The Kids Are Away

It's not often that my husband and I get to spend some time together without the kids as I hate leaving the boys and, finding someone to look after 3 kids is hard work. No one has the space or patience to do so . 

In a few weeks though, my sister has asked if she can look after Joseph overnight. She is taking her daughter and her granddaughter (who are both a couple of weeks older than Joseph) to a professional photographer and wanted to take Joseph too so that she could get all 3 of them together in some photos. 

With the photographer being a few miles away, he is staying overnight and will be with her all day afterwards and so, to give us a bit of a break, my parents said that they will have the boys overnight also, giving my and the hubby some quality time together.

So, what to do when you don't have the kids for a whole day? Catch up on the 6 years of lost sleep? Spend the day sorting the house out? No, we're going to London for a bit of relaxation and retail therapy. 
Photo by James Barker from freedigitalphotos.net
Staying at the Holiday Inn Brent Cross, we are a stones throw away from Brent Cross Shopping Centre and there is actually a shuttle service that goes to and from the centre to the hotel which means that we can easily get our shopping haul back to our room without trawling public transport. 

It gives us quite a central base of the areas we want to visit. The hubby wants to go to Wembley Stadium for a photo op of him in front of it, and to see if he can book a sneaky tour of the beautiful stadium. There is also the London Underground station quite near to us so that we can pop into central London for some retail therapy in all the high-end stores. 

Whilst there, we plan on having a long walk around all the sights that London has to offer. well, maybe not all of them, we'll see how many we can manage in one go. I'd love to see Big Ben and Tower Bridge whereas my hubby want to visiting Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. Apparently, visiting Big Ben at night is amazing and so we could do this before popping for our evening meal. 
Photo by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee from freedigitalphotos.net
Walking along the Thames hand in hand, seeing the boats sailing and having a jaunt across to the London Eye, it will be amazing to see these places without having to worry about the boys running off or getting bored. Having some adult time to take in the sights and have a wonder. 

No doubt we will miss the boys loads and will adore getting back for hugs and cuddles with them, but for that one night, we are going to enjoy ourselves as a couple for a change and I think after 6 years, we deserve a night off.

Have you visited London? Where do you advise that we should visit whilst there?

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  1. Pam Francis Gregory24 May 2015 at 19:52

    Plan, so you can make the most of it as there are so many places to visit!

    1. Good idea. I am going to research distances to everything so we can work out where we can go in the time we have x

  2. The Hubby and I visited London a few months ago, while the kids were staying with their grandparents, and we loved it. It was great to just be together as a couple and walk through London. We walked through markets and wandered aimlessly, it was fab!

    I hope you have a great time!

    1. I can't wait, just getting to be as a couple for a bit :-)

  3. I had a child-free day once, I made such plans............then slept all day!!