25 May 2015

#TruprintDads Take Amazing Photos

My husband loves taking photos. In fact, even though I take zillions, he actually outdo's me with the amount he takes. Most of the family ones that are on the blog are from him and he seems to just be able to get the biggest smiles, the perfect grimaces, the beautiful light.

And so, when it came to Father's Day, I knew that I wanted to get him something to show off just how good he is at taking photos of our children and the memories that he has captured on camera throughout the years. Truprint is perfect for this as there are many items that can be personalised to show memories that he has helped to create. 

To start off, I went with one of my most favourite photos that he has taken of the boys and turned it into a fridge magnet. This means that now, when ever someone walks in our house, they are greeted with our children's lovely mugs, right there, holding on to something that one of the kids has made, proudly showing it off on the fridge. 

Choosing a mug, I wanted it to be more sentimental for my husband, after all, he would be the one that's drinking from it everyday. So, even thought one side has a photo of the boys kissing their little baby brother, the other side has 3 photos. One taken at each of my births, of my husband and the newborn at that point. A little gift to show my husband having his very first hold of our children. 

For his main present, I decided to go with a photo, not of him, but one one that he had taken of our youngest, Joseph. You see, over the years, my husband has taken thousands of photos, but there has always been that one, the one that stood out, and I would have them made into canvases. Each of the boys have a canvas of them as a newborn in a gorgeous artsy style pose, and it is something that we can look back on, admire and my husband will forever know that he took those shots of the kids. 

So for Joseph, I chose the one of him trying to eat his thumb. he was only a week or so in age and my husband just seemed to capture such a beautiful moment which just stood out from the rest of the photos. I cannot wait for my husband to open this on Father's Day as I know that it will be something that he truly appreciates. A memento made by himself. 

And lastly, as a bit of humour, I had to go with a funny photo on his Father's Day card. Something that I know will make him chuckle and a truly unique card, made just for him. A selfie in his shades, trying to look cool with Thomas' toy cap-gun. he hates me sharing this photo as apparently 'it's embarrassing' but I know that he will find this totally hilarious when he opens the card. 

I know that on Father's day, my husband will be the happiest dad on the planet, knowing that these gifts are photos taken by himself and gifts to cherish forever more. 

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  1. Great ideas for Father's Day gifts.

    1. Thank you, we needed to decide with it only being round the corner now :-)