7 May 2015

Stock Up At The Asda Baby And Toddler Event

It's that time of the year again when Asda have their Baby And Toddler Event which means that it's my time to go mad and stock up on nappies, wipes and see what other deals they have. Joseph is now 12 week old so this is the time that I start to stock up on everything that we will need over the next few months. Plus, we are sorting out his nursery ready for him to go into his own room so I've been checking out what Asda have this time round. 

It's a really good job that we have loads of storage space in our house as I usually buy around 10 boxes of nappies when the event is on, just so I know I'm getting a deal and they'll last for ages. What with these, baby wipes (which I buy by the box too), clothing in the next size up, weaning products and toys, we are not short of baby things now this event has come. 

So, let have a look to see what they have on offer this time round. Here are my top picks. 

Baby Changing
This event sees the huge Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Pack nappies on deal at 2 boxes for £20. That's a huge saving and a lot of nappies as each box (based on size 3) contains 90 nappies. You can also pick up boxes of Johnson's Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes for £6.97 or Asda's Little Angels ones for £6, each box containing 12 packs which is an absolute bargain. 

The warm weather is slowly starting to creep in too and so Asda have created their own little bundle deals, perfect for being on your holidays in the sunny weather. The Little Swimmers Bundle (£11) contains Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play Sun Lotion, Huggies Little Swimmers pants and a Huggies Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat. 

All babies should have a bit of playtime and so it's great to see that Asda have a huge range of toys and accessories perfect for fun play with your baby. I love the Red Kite Cotton Tail Play Gym as it is suitable for either sex and is only £12. It's a nice thick playmat with a detachable toy bar which has 4 hanging toys to keep babies busy.

When it comes to buying places for your baby to sit, I always go for a bouncer as not only are they a comfortable alternative to being laid on a mat on the floor, but they are comfortable and babies can sleep in them for short periods of time too. This Bright Starts Bouncer is only £16 and comes complete with a toy bar as an added extra. 

We have the Summer Infant Slumber Buddies frog for Joseph. It plays tranquil lullabies and soothing heartbeat and nature sounds whilst having a calming starry night display which projects onto the ceiling in 3 soothing colour options.

Sorting the nursery can be hard work. Trying to think of a design and then buy things that work well together to make a complete bedroom, perfect for a little boy. It's great to see that Asda do their very own nursery bedroom range which has everything you will need for the room, all coordinating so you can decorate with ease. We have the George Baby Prince curtains for Joseph's room. They are white and blue thick fabric with the added extra of being blackout curtains too. A snip at only £20 for the pair. You can also get the Quilt Coverlet to match too as well as blankets, a nappy holder and light fittings too. 

Asda sent us the Mamas & Papas Babyplay Magical Mirror out for Joseph and to put in his room once it is finished. This is a soft cushioned toy with bright colours to keep babies stimulated, a baby-safe mirror to help recognition, a teether toy and has "Magical" thread which means that baby only has to brush their finger over the stitching in the 2 corners in order to activate sounds. 

I love it as you can place it on the floor for tummy time which I fully promote as it help babies to gain confidence in holding their heads up and in moving and controlling their bodies better to see around their room. Not only that but it has little straps which fasten to the side of the cot so can help to keep your baby occupied whilst they are playing in their cot. 

The Asda Baby And Toddler Event isn't on for that much longer so make sure you get down their quick to pick up a bargain. You can find all these items and more on the Asda website or  instore.


  1. I didn't know that the event was on again. I will have to go and buy some baby things. Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. Love the event they have such great deals. I love this cot mirror I have it for Blake http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  3. Love this event, is always great to stock up on all those nappies especially at good prices 😊