7 May 2015

Making the Most of a Child-Free Night!

Being a parent is amazing, but sometimes you just can’t wait to get a few hours to yourself. Okay, there is the time when they’re at school or nursery, but in that time we’re either getting the house in order or at work ourselves so it’s never really “down time” as you might call it. 

Once they’ve gone to bed you get a little bit, but again you find yourself either tidying or too tired to do much more than collapse on the sofa or go to bed yourself. As such I do find myself looking forward to the occasional child-free night.

When they go and stay with friends for tea and a sleepover, I make sure I think long and hard about the things I want to do that night. After all, who knows when I might get the chance to do these things again! 

Here’s the latest list of to-do’s:
Photo by TheresOnlyOneWay from vecteezy.com
Film Night
There are numerous films that have come out at the cinema, then come out in shops on DVD that I still haven’t got around to watching. If I’m not careful the kids will be old enough to watch them before I do! I’m desperate to watch the new Avengers movie, I’m a huge Marvel fan and love just about all the films they’ve released and it’s great that I can talk about some of them with the kids. This is on my list even if it means going out relatively early (I can’t stay out too late anymore!)

I make no secret of the fact that I enjoy playing bingo. I love going along to my local hall with some friends and having a bite to eat, a drink or two and trying to win some cash all in one place. The most I ever won was £100 but I can dream of more! 

Recently I’ve tried online bingo to see what all the fuss is about there and I must admit I do like it. Obviously it’s different to ‘normal’ bingo because you don’t get as much social interaction, but you can look online for some of the best online bingo offers in the UK so that you play the games with the best chance of winning or the cheapest registrations. I haven’t played it a great deal so it’s on the list to play a bit more when I get my feet up!

 Photo by domdeen from freedigitalphotos.net
The Gym
It’s a bit of a contrast to the other two ideas on my list, but I do miss the gym. I’m still a member and go as often as I can when I get a few hours but I always feel rushed. I like doing spinning classes and body pump which uses weights and free exercises - it’s a real workout I tell you, you’ll know about it the next day! It would definitely be nice to try out a few other classes though.


  1. the gym definitely wouldn't be on my list

  2. i like to have a nice bubble bath and read my book :)

  3. Film night is definently what I'd do for a child free night http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  4. Film night is definently what I'd do for a child free night http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  5. Bingo, Film out and gym are all good but also how about a nice meal out ?

    by the way i like online bingo best site by far i think is tombola played on lots but it has the most interaction with other players and unlike others theres no side games or slots so your money seems to go further

  6. Cinema to see a film then a meal somewhere nice are what i would love to do x