27 April 2015

Venturing Out Of My Comfort Zone

As you can tell, by the name of my blog, I am an avid lover of Yorkshire. I have only ever left Yorkshire when we are travelling abroad and are going to airports, other than that, it seems to be my comfort zone. I know where everything is and feel the love of my Yorkshire heritage whilst been in this gorgeous county.

But I've decided, to try and get out a bit more, try new places and visit more people, that we should venture into the unknown, out of the comfort zone and down south to see what the difference really is.

Not particularly London though. I am a lover of our country and have never visited the capital before but I would rather not go somewhere so busy whilst the kids are so little. Maybe leave visiting there until they are a bit older and can appreciate the history and context of the magnificent buildings for themselves. 

We've decided to go to Aylesbury which is the county town of Buckinghamshire. This is for various reasons, to see the sights, walk the Grand Union Canal, but mainly because I have been wanting to meet one of my blogging friends for so long and, since she lives round that area, this will be my chance. 

Joanna, from the blog Joanna Victoria, has been one of my best online blogging friends for a couple of years now. We chat most nights and are always advising each other about our blogs, chatting about our babies and just having a good old gossip, so it would be nice to meet her in person and have a cuddle with her little baby, Blake.

Having a break away in Aylesbury, we can visit the sights whilst staying at the Holiday Inn Aylesbury, and get to pop in to the famous places around there. Roald Dahl lived in Buckinghamshire for over 30 years and so there are a lot of places and activities around that area based on him. 

There is the Roald Dahl Children's Gallery which the boys would love. This is located in the Buckinghamshire County Museum and uses characters and themes from Roald Dahl's books to stimulate children's interest in science, history and literature with his ever fun twist, featuring illustrations from Quentin Blake. 

Close by to this is the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre which houses all of Dahl's main papers, manuscripts and his "Ideas Books" whilst also offering regular workshops and hosts events that help to enhance creativity and writing skills. Since the boys love Roald Dahl books, they would adore to visit these museums and get to see some of his original works, up close and personal.

It will be great to get out and do some different things. The boys will get to visit their very own children's museums and visit the works of Roald Dahl, and I'll be able to visit someone that I have spoke to for so long. 

Have you ever visited Aylesbury? What else can you advise that we should do whilst there?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. It will be nice to visit somewhere different x

  2. I haven't visited Aylesbury, sounds good. Hope you all thoroughly enjoy the visit.

    Rachel Craig

    1. It does sound like a intriguing place and I bet my boys would love the museums :-)