20 April 2015

Soother Cleaning On The Go With Aleva Naturals

Many a time have I been out and about with my kids over the years, taking them to the park, to feed the ducks, down the canal, which is all well and good, but you can guarantee that the one time the baby decides to hurl his dummy out of the pram is the exact day that I forget to pack an extra one. 

With nothing on me to clean said dummy, I either have to walk the long way home with a screaming baby, or pop into a shop and purchase a new dummy just to settle him. Telling the truth, this has happened on many occasions. When you're rushing out the door after 2 eager kids, checking the changing bags for extra dummies just goes straight out of my head and so I end up in peril if the dummy makes a break for it. 

So obviously, when I was contacted about Toy & Pacifier Wipes from Aleva Naturals, I just had to give them a try and see whether they would be my saviour when it comes to trips out with the boys. 

These unique toy and pacifier wipes are made from natural, organic ingredients and are completely chemical free. Made with certified organic aloe vera and chamomile oil which are both beneficial for dry skin which is a must when cleaning items that will be going against babies skin. 

Aleva Naturals is a range of baby cleaning items that were developed a group of people, a pharmacist, herbalist and naturopath helped to develop these chemical free products, using only natural ingredients. No artificial fragrances or dyes go near these products and this ensures that they are safe, baby-friendly ingredients.

The wipes come in compact packaging, not even half the size of a pack of wet wipes, and so fit perfectly and compact into my changing bag so they are to hand whenever I need them. Personally, I like that they don't have that chemical scent that some baby products have, they just smell clean. I can just pull one out, give Joseph's dummy a wipe and pop it back in his mouth, quick and simple, no fuss! 

They are damp but not overly wet, just the right amount to give items a quick clean and are quite big wipes too so usually when I've had to use one to wipe a dummy, I will try not to waste it and will give them pram a quick wipes too or one of the baby toys that are in the pram. What's more, the wipes are made from bamboo fibres which are 100% biodegradable so great for the environment too. 

As you all know, we are going away in a few weeks and so I will be packing a pack of these wipes in my case. They will be perfect for cleaning Joseph's things whilst we are away and means that I wont be having to search for a shop for spare dummies instead of enjoying our break!

You can find more information about the Toy & Pacifier Wipes from Aleva Naturals on the Vital Baby website.


  1. Could of done with these last week when we were abroad last week. Took ages to sort y little ones things and was stuck if we dropped her dodey on the floor

    KT Lacey

    1. That's why I've packed them in our suitcase, so I can easily clean dummies if they drop on the floor x

  2. I could do with these for our changing bag

    1. They are available on the Vital Baby website which I've tagged above. They are a fab item for the changing bag x