12 April 2015

Something Special Mr Tumble's Play & Learn Book

Charlie is still behind with his talking, visiting speech therapists regularly to try and help him gain confidence and learn more about how to talk and everything. He is good at his colours and pointing things out so any toy that is to do with asking questions that he then needs to work out, are a great way to help him learn.

So when KD UK sent us out the Something Special Mr Tumble's Play & Learn Book as part of me being a KD Mumbassador, I knew that it would be great for Charlie as all their toys seem to be educational based whilst bringing some of the countries much loved characters to life and being a fun toy to play and interact with.

The toy comprises of three colourful pages with a Something Special scene on each with four backlit keys for answering the questions. There are four games to play on each page which teach children about different things from colours to counting and character recognition.

Featuring Mr Tumble, Lord Tumble, Grandad Tumble and Aunt Polly, the book asks questions about what they are wearing, where they are and colours specific to them. Having to point out who is wearing the hat, the bow-tie and working out the colours of each item on the pages. I like how the buttons can be for not only choosing a picture answer, but they also signify the correct colour or number for the question being asked.

To see how the book works and an example of the questions it asks, check out the video below where Thomas is having a go of it.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the Something Special Mr Tumble's Play & Learn Book. It is fun and gives the boys a way of connecting with one of their favourite characters from television. I find that this always makes toys an extra hit with the children as they already know the character and can point out everyone in the questions already.

I love how it's all about learning through play by helping to teach about colours, quantities and numbers whilst being a great way to develop their memory as they learn to count the various items, recognise colours and figure out which of the pictures is correct for what is being asked. It's great to see Charlie working out the correct answers and copying what is being said, therefore helping him to pick up more speech and words whilst he is playing.

For more information about the Something Special Mr Tumble's Play & Learn Book or any other toy in the KD range, visit the KD UK website.


  1. Cute little toy we have couple of mr tumble toys that I think are from this set of toys so might have to get this one as well to match

    Sarah Greene xxx

    1. If you click the link to their site it shows all the toys in the range so you can check out what you've already got and what's left in the range to collect x

  2. Cute little toy book. I've been looking for presents for my little girl and this looks ideal and fun too
    Cassie x

    1. Even my 5 year old loves this so it's a ood investment and something that gets played with a lot x