11 April 2015

Park, Stay & Go On Our Adventures

For the past few years, my husband and I have wanted to go on a cruise with the children. Not to some great exotic destination, but just around the Mediterranean, something different than flying abroad for the sun and it's a fantastic opportunity for the kids too as there are so many family friendly cruises nowadays, there is even a Disney one which looks amazing.

How amazing would it be to go on a huge cruise ship, stand on the front deck and, like Rose from Titanic, hold our arms out to feel the sea-air breezing past us, the freedom, the utter pleasure of being able to feel that rush of air going past us.

The only problem we have with going on a cruise, is that the port we would be picked up at is miles away down South and with us being slap bang in the middle of the North, it means that we have to drive all the way down to the port, with the kids in the car, for around 5 hours, and then board a cruise ship with 3 moody, tired kids that have being travelling for hours already... how fun, not!

I can handle a few hours of driving whilst trying to entertain the kids. We can make plans for the journey down, make up bags which have activities and snacks in and can stop off at service stations for a little breather and to stretch our legs a little. What we need though, is something to help in between driving down South and boarding the cruise ship. A stop off point. A place for the kids to have a nap and a break for my husband and me before the holiday starts.

So we have been thinking of taking up the Park Stay n Go offer of the Holiday Inn Southampton-Eastleigh. The Holiday Inn Southampton- Eastleigh hotel is just a 5 minute car ride to Southampton Airport and 15 minutes from all major Cruise Terminals, making it a great hotel for our pre-cruise stay. Perfect for us as the cruise we are thinking about ports in Southampton, not far from there.

The best part of doing this is that we can drive down the day before and have a break and a sleep once we get there. A rest in a nice hotel and, if we decided to go a couple of days earlier, we could even go out and visit the sights in Southampton to give us an extra long holiday and a visit to somewhere else new. 
Photo by Gualberto107 from freedigitalphotos.net
We've never been down South before so I'm sure the kids (and us adults) will have fun exploring a different city, seeing the historical sights that Southampton has to offer. Like the medieval walls which is one of the most complete survived circuits in the country and the many central parks which the boys could run off some energy in. 

I'm glad that we can go a few days before and have a break between the long journey and before going on holiday as I feel that it'll be a lot less stressful and give us those extra few days to explore somewhere new too. What's more, this includes somewhere to park the car too so we know that once we arrive back from our cruise, the car will be ready for us to pick up and will have been looked after whilst we are away.

Now that we know we can do this, it's just a case of finding our perfect family cruise and organising it all. Have you got any tips for surviving long trips with children?

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  1. I think that is a much better idea than traveling down and getting on the boat straight away as you will all be tired and restless so might not enjoy your first day on board.

    Sarah Greene xxx

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Don't want to be starting our holiday in the wrong frame of mind x