26 April 2015

In The Night Garden Tummy Time Book Review

Tummy time, whereby babies are placed on their tummies, is recommended by health professionals to help physical development. Having a bit of tummy time helps to avoid the development of flat spots on the back of babies’ heads from all the time spent on their backs, and strengthens neck and upper back muscles as babies learn to lift and turn their heads whilst encouraging physical development.

It helps babies learn how to use their arms against gravity, using them to support their bodies and reach and stretch for things they can see and babies who regularly practice tummy time are able to crawl, roll and sit earlier than those who don’t.

If your baby is par-taking in tummy time, ensure your baby is awake and alert, never place a sleeping baby on their tummy, and remember that your baby may initially cry whilst in this new position but just keep persevering, a few minutes at a time until they are used to laying like this. 

All babies should spend part of their day laying on their tummies but I find that they get bored easily. Most not being able to look round much and being honest, there isn't really much entertainment at floor level. So I was glad to hear that Ladybird have brought out their very own tummy time book to promote babies' being on their font every so often.

Ladybird has been publishing books for children since 1915 and it stands at the forefront of children’s publishing as one of the most iconic and well-known children’s brands so it is great to see them taking a stance towards this and creating a book just for babies. 

The In The Night Garden Tummy Time book is super fun for young ones. You simply open the book and fasten the covers together to reveal three sturdy, interactive scenes. Place the book on the floor in front of your baby whilst they are on their tummy, then direct them towards the stimulating colours, peep-through holes and touch-and-feels in the pictures.

This book has been specifically designed to help make tummy time more fun for babies whilst the high-contrast colours and images hold a baby’s attention to keep them occupied for longer. As your baby grows, they can reach and stretch over to the touch and feel patches and peep through the holes (maybe get yourself or older children involved with a game of peek-a-boo).

Me personally, I love the bright, bold colours in the book that keep Joseph entertained. Having a well known brand such as In The Night Garden, means that when he then watches television, he can associate with the characters and make it an even more of a fun book.

The little feely patches, he loves brushing his hands against are also a plus as it means that he is trying to reach out to find and feel the texture and so is stretching himself, learning how to aim his body and arms into positions and working out how to do all these things to get him into a position to be able to find the parts that he wants to touch. 

You can find more information about the In The Night Garden Tummy Time book and the whole lot of other ranges available on the Ladybird website. But now, how would you like to win a copy of the In The Night Garden Tummy Time book. Then keep reading to see how.

The lovely people at Ladybird have sent me another copy of the book so for your chance to win a copy of the In The Night Garden Tummy Time Book, enter below on the Rafflecopter app. 

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