14 March 2015

World Book Day 2015

In the UK and Ireland World Book Day is on the 5th March and is there to celebrate all the books out there, the adventures, the thrillers, the family novels, the best reads, our favourites. 

Not only that, but it's a day when children get to dress up as their favourite character for a special school day to celebrate it. Both, Thomas and Charlie's classes had a dress up day and they both had to decide on who they wanted to go as. 

For Thomas this was simple, Captain America of course. He has been in to the Avengers so much the past few months, reading books about them all the time and collecting figures too. Out of them all, his favourite is Captain America, and so when I found this fabulous Marvel Captain America Fancy Dress Costume I just had to get it for him. I knew that he would absolutely love to be Captain America for the day. 

An all-in-one, onesie style outfit comes with a face mask and the shield. The torso is padded to give the effect of the huge muscles that Captain America has and the costume fastens together with Velcro so it's easy to get on and off quickly for toilet breaks. I love the vivid colours on the costume and the fact that it is stretchy so will fit for a while as it will grow slightly with Thomas.

Charlie was a bit harder to pick for. He is a lover of any books and doesn't really have a favourite character as yet. I let him view a few different costumes and got him to tell me which books they were from. The one thing he does like are pirates. Not necessarily a certain one, but any stories whereby pirates feature and save the day (why are pirates always good guys in kids books!). 

After much deliberation, he picked out this Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates Fancy Dress Costume which he got so excited about. Not only does he love me reading stories to him about pirates and their adventures on the seas, but he also loves watching the Jake and the Neverland Pirates cartoon on television.

This Jake and the Never Land Pirates costume has a velvet-style fabric top and elasticated waist trousers. A foam hat headband and cutlass sword completes the outfit. Again, like the Marvel costume, it fastens with Velcro for ease when putting on and off and even the headband has a Velcro fastening so you can alter the size slightly to make it fit better. 

I think that it's great that it comes with the cutlass sword as this completes the outfit but this is also the bit that disappoints me slightly. Because it is made from foam, it bends easily and is flimsy. A shame that it doesn't have a plastic one like the shield in the Marvel costume. 

The boys loved dressing up as their favourite characters for World Book Day 2015, what did your children dress as?


  1. Ahh kids look so cute in costumes. The 'guns' on the top one are genius!

    Claire Henly

  2. Oh wow!! Great costumes, they look adorable. Hope they had a good World Book Day x

  3. They both look fab. My son's school didn't do a dress up day

  4. Oh that's sweet, my son is not old enought but my younger cousins were dressed as Oompa Loompas complete with orange faces!