4 March 2015

Superlove Merino Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown

Superlove Merino was founded by Suse Fletcher and Becky Sayer who sourced the best quality merino wool in the world to create a fabric that is Superfine, Supersoft and Superwarm and made this into clothing and sleep bags for babies, toddlers and children aged 0 - 6 years.

Merino wool is the ideal fibre for babies as it is soft, hypo-allergenic, highly breathable and helps regulate both body temperature and moisture. Not only that but Superlove Merino is of the finest quality & is ethically sourced too. 

But what's the difference between Merino wool and regular wool?

What is Merino wool
Merino is an extremely fine and silky soft type of wool that comes from the Merino Sheep. These are an ancient breed that has evolved over thousands of years to inhabit some of the most extreme environments on earth, suffering temperatures of 35°C in summer to -15°C in winter. Because of these cold, dry conditions the Merino sheep grow huge soft fleeces of Superfine wool renowned for its quality, purity and luxurious softness.

Merino naturally regulates body temperature in tune with baby's environment which is great to hear since little babies cannot regulate their own body temperature and studies show merino wool improves sleep patterns in babies, helping them to settle more quickly and stay asleep for longer. 

Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown
When Superlove Merino got in touch with me and asked if they could send me a little something for my impending arrival, I obviously couldn't wait to try them out. Sending me a gorgeous Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown in dove grey, I couldn't wait for bump to arrive so that I could try it on him. 

The Superfine Merino Baby Gown is perfect for ensuring the warmth and comfort of babies whilst they are trying to sleep. Made here in Britain, the sleep gown has press-studs at the bottom which allows easy access for nightly nappy changes. 

Now Joseph is here, we have got some good use out the sleep gown. At first touch, I just cannot believe how super soft it is. The sleep gown is stretchy and so clings to Joseph as he wears it, making him look super comfortable in it. 
With the poppers being at the bottom of the gown, this makes taking it off easy and nappy changes, a doddle. No more having to fight to get Joseph's feet in and out of the legs or trying to pair up poppers in the night. Just a simple, easy to fasten, gown that not only looks stunning but feels super luxurious too.

I now try to use the Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown as much as possible at night as it makes nappy changes so much easier. What's best is that no matter how many times it has been washed, the natural elasticity in the material ensures that the gown keeps its shape and still has its gorgeous soft feel too.
This will also help as Joseph grows as, although the sleep gown is a size 0-3 month, it's stretchy enough to fit him for even longer than that and will give him the soft comfort that he's used to for even longer. 

Overall, I am thoroughly happy with not only the quality but the look, and feel of the Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown as well knowing that the item is ethically sourced and that I am helping a British business grow too. Now I just need a pair of their organic cotton and merino booties to keep Joseph's toes warm whilst we're out and he'll be in Superlove Merino heaven!

For more information about the sleep gown or any other product, check out the Superlove Merino website.

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