21 March 2015

Easter With A Difference At Asda

When it comes to Easter, I like to get away from the usual Easter eggs. With having young children, I find that eggs end up lasting months as they don't eat much chocolate. And of course, the fact that there are 4 newborns in my family (including Joseph) means that I have to think of other gifts suitable for them. 

Starting off with foodie item, the hot cross buns. I'm not usually a fan of these as I don't like cooked fruit, but Asda have a fab range of caramel & white chocolate Hot Cross Buns which are divine and so moorish. If you're not into sweet treats though, opt for the bunny shaped crumpets which are cute and the kids love.

Get Creative With Chocolate
If you're not a fan of the massive eggs, how about a Decorate Your Own Egg kit. It comes with a slab of milk chocolate shaped like an egg, yellow icing and some mini eggs to decorate. Such a great idea for a gift for children but to also give them something to do to get crafty with. 

Thomas loved trying this out. Squirting the icing onto the egg in patterns and then using it like glue to attach the eggs in place. Even better that he got to eat the end result afterwards.

Newborn Gifts
Joseph is learning to grab at the moment and so we try to keep plush toys close by. Something that he can grab easily and is soft so wont hurt him when he starts throwing it around. Asda have a huge range of Easter themed plush toys in at the moment, perfect for little ones.

We received 2 from Asda. A cute grey bunny that is holding its very own carrot. Its a soft, sweet little bunny that will be great in his collection. Secondly, we got a gorgeous knitted chick. Larger in size than the bunny and knitted so makes it extremely soft to the touch. Joseph especially loves this one as its snuggly and bright.

Of course, there are all the Easter eggs in stock too. From little ones to big extravagant ones and all those in between. Whatever you decide you want for Easter, I'm sure Asda have something for you. You can find all of these and more on the Asda website and in store too. 


  1. awwww what a cute photo

  2. Love the decorate your own egg kit, that will keep the kids quiet for a little while and then I bet it tastes great too!


  3. Wish I had seen the decorate at home kits in time.