27 February 2015

The Death of the Beard

Over the past few years, the one fashion statement that has been prominent in men, is the beard. Nearly every celebrity has sported one at one point in time and everyone I know seems to love a good beard. Everyone from David Beckham to Hugh Jackman have had one and, even though they do suit them, if just can't stand them. 

Men seem to grow a beard thinking that they look stunning, just like these celebrities, but no matter how men try to style them, they just end up looking untidy to me. There is nothing I love more than a clean shaven man. 

What's worst about beards, is kissing a man with one. They're either short and stubbly, which means getting a scratched face from them, or they're long and itchy and that puts me off more as no matter how clean someone is, I don't want their body hair rubbing over my face. 

And it seems that it's not just me any more, Fashion Beans have created this infographic based on what people find most attractive in men and, surprisingly, clean shaven took 50% of the vote. I can't say I'm surprised though. 

Look below for more information, and to get tips on what is the best option when it comes to shaving off a beard. My husband uses a cartridge razor and usually shaves daily to make sure he is clean shaven, but most of all to make me happy as I just cannot stand stubble. 

You can also read about the 5 steps to the perfect shave. Tips like washing your face with a hot cloth before shaving to get a better shave as it softens the stubble and to make sure that you use a good moisturiser afterwards to stop dryness and skin irritation. 

What do you think? Do you like a beard, a bit of stubble, or are you like me and prefer men clean shaven?


  1. Im with you, they are horrible. Some celebs look great with them but i cant imagine them being nice to actually live with though

  2. Kelly whittingham1 March 2015 at 20:26

    I love a good beard. They only suit certain people though!