19 February 2015

Reboot Your Blogging: 2015 Best Practice

These days, everyone is blogging and sharing content, but the best bloggers are the ones with an efficient system behind the posts. If you’re an aspiring blogger, looking to get your message out into the world, then you've come to the right place. In this article, I'm going to share four easy steps to blogging regularly and efficiently. 

Have a clear theme 
Before you begin posting, decide on a general theme for your blog. Will you be writing about travel, food, music, parenting, like mine, or something else? Whilst it can be good to mix things up occasionally, if your content is too broad, you’ll find it harder to gain a solid readership. You’ll also find it easier to keep focused when you have a central theme to get your teeth into. You’ll find you can approach your subject from different angles and measure your audience’s response accordingly. 

Photo by Salvatore Vuono from freedigitalphotos.net
Verify your email subscriber list 
One great way to let people know about your blog is to send snippets out via a regular email. Include two or three article titles within the email, along with the first couple of lines from each. (you can sign up to mine over on the right hand side of my blog) This will be enough to grab your reader’s attention, encouraging them to click through to your blog. However – your emails will only be effective if they reach your followers. Email verification will ensure that every email address you’re sending to is valid. If your list isn't verified then you risk being penalised, meaning your messages won’t get through. 

Keep an ideas list 
We all know how it goes – you sit at your computer trying to think of ideas for a blog post and nothing comes. Then, when you’re on the train the next day you suddenly get inspired. Rather than trying to remember all your ideas or jotting them down on the back of your hand, set up an on-going ‘ideas list’. This can be in the form of a notebook you carry around, or it could be an app on your phone. Just make sure it’s something you can keep with you when you’re travelling and that you don’t need an internet connection to access it. I have a notes section on my phone which I am always using to jot down ideas for new posts.

Set up a posting schedule 
Great bloggers know that using a schedule is the best way to post consistently. This can be as simple as setting up notifications in your desktop calendar, or creating a spreadsheet of dates. You can then schedule your posts, which will help you keep consistency. This is also a great way to plan your content, coordinating it with things like public holidays and events.

So there you have it, my tips on becoming a blogger and how to keep up with your blog.

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  1. Im not good at writing so don't think id do well at blogging but I do love reading them good tips