28 February 2015

Pocket Money Gifts for Mother's Day

I remember when I was young, I loved to save my pocket money to buy my mum a present every Mother's Day (and my dad on Father's Day too) as not only did I like to see their faces when they got a present from me, but it also made me feel so grown up too.

So, I thought I would look into gifts that you can purchase for mum that are only a few pounds, pocket money gifts.

I wanted to find gifts that aren't the norm. I mean, not many young kids would really surprise their mums with flowers or chocolates, but it would ideally be something fun, that they can do together. A crafty gift maybe, or a game that can be played by the whole family, bringing everyone together. That's what I am focusing on. After having a look around, I found that Hawkins Bazaar have a lovely range of gifts that would be perfect for little ones to gift to their mum this Mother's Day. 

Make Your Own Sock Monkey Or Rabbit
Learn how to make an adorable soft toy from a pair of stripey socks for the monkey or pre-cut pieces of fabric for the rabbit. Using the easy-to-follow instructions to sew the bits together, add the stuffing and then decorate, it's not only a cute gift for Mother's Day, but it's something that kids can do with their mum to spend quality time together. Or, for older children who are more competent at stitching, they can make the item themselves and then gift it to their mum as a home-made gift, even more special. What's more, these are only £6!

Glitter Glass Set
Make your bottles stand out with this Glitter Glass Set that is priced at £10. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but my mum is a big collector of bottles. She has loads from over the years, vintage perfume bottles to collectables and so to gift her something that is handmade by her children would be ideal for my mum. Something sentimental and from the heart. 

Wildlife Origami
Why not go for something a little different and learn the art of origami. This cute set includes an elephant, lion and zebra and whilst you have a nice fun, crafty day, you and mum can learn a new skill and create your own mini animals. 

Colour and Shrink Keyrings set
This cute little set is only £1.50 and kids can colour in their own little styles and then simply bake them in the oven to create a cute keyring to gift to mum this Mother's Day

All these gifts and so many more to choose from. Not only can children buy them to get crafty with mum on Mother's Day but they could instead make them themselves and give mum a cute home-made gift straight from the heart.


  1. argh I need that rabbit. What a super idea. I didn't think of doing this and giving something that has been home made