18 February 2015

Planning A Family Friendly Break

The school holidays can get a little boring for the children after a few days. Not only that but, since we have a newborn little one, it means that we can't get out much to do everything that we usually would. 

That's why I am already thinking about and planning what we can do during the July holidays as not only will Joseph be a few months old then and be more alert to do things, but those holidays are 6 weeks long so we need to make sure that we have a packed calendar to fill up the days. 

Usually, I would book a break to the seaside so we could spend a few days at the coast, playing on the beach and paddling in the sea, but since this wont be possible with having a newborn and trying to get a pram around the beach, I've decided instead that we'll book a break to somewhere else, somewhere that the kids will love just as much and that will give us places to go to whilst there too.

Photo by Tim Beach from freedigitalphotos.net
That's why, this year, we'll be going to Farnborough. Farnborough is a town in north east Hampshire and is home to 2 activities that the boys will love. The Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum and the Farnborough International Airshow. 

Charlie loves anything to do with aviation and Thomas loves vehicles of any sort, including planes, this is why we've been looking down south. Both of the places are perfect for the boys and they will love getting to see an airshow and view planes and aircrafts flying through the sky, but to also go to the museum and see old planes, military ones and see how they work etc would be ideal for the boys. 

After looking around, I found that the Holiday Inn Farnborough is quite close to all amenities and would give us an ideal location and starting point in our holiday jaunt away. From there we can easily get to both the museum and airshow with ease. 

Photo by Dan from freedigitalphotos.net
Not only will this give the little ones a fantastic opportunity to view some great old and modern planes, but the Hampshire countryside is stunning also and it means that we can also go on long walks through the fields, seeing wild animals and have picnics in the sunset whilst watching over the rolling hills. 

It will be nice to get away on our first holiday as a family of 5, and to not only go to some amazing places, but to get out into the open air and have a break away from technology and city living for a few days.

Have you ever visited the Farnborough Airshow or the Museum? I would love to know what other people think about them before we go. 
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  1. My eldest would love to visit these places too!

    Irene G

  2. I have been thinking about baby friendly holidays too, I'm thinking a uk resort, plenty for the kids and won't be too bad with a baby