10 February 2015

My Mum Is My Valentine

When people talk about Valentine's Day, it's always about the romance, the flowers, the doing things with your partner, but never about the other people that matter in your life, just as much as your partner. 

Yes, my husband is my soul mate, the one I love and will spend the rest of my life with. He gave me three gorgeous boys and we have been together for years and, when we took our vows, they were something that would never be broken. 

meeting her newest grandson
Yes, my husband is one that is always in my heart, but my Valentine, well, that's another special person entirely. My Valentine is my mum!

You see, valentine's Day isn't just about everything I said above, it doesn't only apply to our romantic relationships with our other halves. It applies to love with anyone that has a huge impact on our lives and that is just how I see my mum. 

I have always been close to my mum, not only me, but the boys too. They spend a lot of time with her and adore her so much. She has the biggest heart and always helps us at the drop of a hat without even thinking of herself. 

The same size in clothes, shoes and similar tastes too, I am always round her house pinching things out of her wardrobe, going shopping together or even if we're sat at home having a good old gossip, reading our weekly horoscopes and having a brew. Sometimes, more like best friends rather than mother and daughter. 

In fact, if it wasn't for my mum helping me out so much these past few months, I really don't know how I would have coped, being pregnant and looking after the boys. Even when I went into labour, she was round within 5 minutes, picked the boys up and took them home with her until I had given birth and been discharged. 

So that's why this year I'll be making a fuss of my mum this Valentine's Day. No red roses and heart shaped chocolates, but treats with my mum and maybe a good old pamper together. 

Is Valentine's Day just a day for you and your partner or do you also, like me, have someone else that is in your heart, and who is truly your Valentine?
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  1. I definitely agree here, my mum is my best friend :)