17 February 2015

I Think My Home Hates Me

You know when you finally think that your house is sorted, you have everything you need, everything is working, and it's perfect, but then something breaks. Why does that happen? I don't think we've even gone a day without there being something in the house that is playing up.

Why is it me that they always break on? I seriously am starting to think that my house does hate me, as no matter what is going to pop it's clogs, it will always wait until I'm using it and then pop, broken!

It's always in the kitchen too. You know, where all the expensive things are. It might start off small with the toaster playing up, bang, £30 down the drain to replace it. Or the microwave. A bit more expensive if you want a quality one, but again, is a doable replacement. But then comes the biggies. The things that cost more than a chunk of the shopping money. 
Photo by cooldesign from freedigitalphotos.net
After deciding that I hated the kitchen as it was, I got the hubby to redecorate it. Whilst doing so, why don't we defrost the fridge freezer I thought. It hasn't been done for a while so is probably due a good clean out. Then, it comes to turning the fridge freezer back on and I realise that something isn't right. It doesn't seem that cold. What good's a fridge that wont keep things cold. 

At the moment, it seems to be holding out, but I don't think it's going to be long until it goes to the big appliance storage in the sky. So I've been looking for a replacement, not to buy straight away but to gage a reasonable price and so we can start saving for when it's needed. After having a quick look around, I've found that the Panasonic fridge freezers are not only a great price and are energy efficient, but they are uber modern too. 

Now we just need to start saving. but it doesn't stop there... 

Our kitchen tap has been dripping for a while. Nothing serious, it just needs a new washer. Or that's what we thought. It turns out that it needs a new part inside it, but to replace this certain bit would cost more than replacing the whole tap. 

And so that means more money down the drain, quite literally actually! Like I said, I think my house hates me!


  1. Aw hunni I kno the feelin. Something is always broken in my house to. Currently is my cooker :-(


  2. I know the feeling exactly, and when things decide to give up, it's never one on it's own, so you might just be able to afford it. Oh no, it's always 2 or 3 things to leave you sitting in a big pile of poo!