13 February 2015

How To Survive Half Term

Half term can be a very stressful time. Your already in a routine of getting your children ready for school in the morning and then having those few hours to get things done. I mean, I know that most people think that the house is cleaned by the fairies that fly in at night, but that's just not true, us stay at home parents are the ones that keep the house running daily.

So when it comes to the school holidays, this routine goes out of the window and all hell can break loose. That's why you need to prepare in advance, so that you can survive the next week.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for what to do in the holidays then check out the AttractionTix blog as myself and a few other bloggers have given our tips on how to survive the school holidays but here is what I think.

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Plan, plan, plan!!!
I have my weekly planner which I use for blogging and this week it will be a saviour as I use it to write down a plan of things that we will do each day. Keeping a note of everything will also keep me sane and on track for school holiday happiness.

Get stocked up
We have a huge craft box which I keep filled to the brim with different supplies for our crafting days. Everything from paper and paint, to glitter and beads. It means that no matter what we decide to make, we have the tools to get the job done.

Get prepared by stocking up over the year and keeping a box so that you aren't running to the local craft shop in the morning so that your children can get crafty, this will only cause unnecessary stress when you could be enjoying the time with your children instead.

Get Printing
If you're planning on baking during the holidays, find recipes now. Pop along to the recipe websites that you love and print the recipes off that you will be using, sticking each sheet into your organiser on the day that you'll be using them. This way you don't have to hurriedly search for recipes and will know what you are doing.

If you are planning on going on days out during the holidays, make sure you do your research first. Yes, attractions are usually open in the school holidays but remember that some will have special events on that may cost a lot more to get access to or may even have private events on and be closed to the public. To avoid disappointment, check out the places beforehand to make sure that they will be open on the day you're visiting.

And most importantly, have fun. The school holidays aren't just for children. these are the precious few extra days that you get to spend with your children before they have to go back to school so make sure you enjoy every single day. 

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  1. You have this all sorted, Im running round like a headless chicken already. Wish Id of thought of getting things ready beforehand xxx