23 February 2015

Hampers For Mum This Mother's Day

Now I'm sure it's not just me that is a chocaholic and secretly hopes that most gifts I receive include some sort of chocolate or goodies to treat myself to. So with Mother's Day around the corner, now is the time to start getting your hinting going so that you receive just what you want for the big day.

For me, I am not even hinting any more, I'm full on telling my husband that there will be trouble if I don't receive something that is covered in chocolate and tasty on Mother's Day. 

As you all know, I haven't eaten chocolate properly in 9 months with being pregnant. For some reason, my bumps don't like chocolate (why the heck not?!) and so I haven't been able to eat it. So obviously, now that Joseph is born and I've got my taste-buds back, I am divulging as much as possible. 

What's more, now that I have 3 children, surely that means that I get an even greater sized present!

When it comes to Mother's Day though, I'm sure all us mums end up telling or hinting to our partners about what we want. Although I hate sounding ungrateful, my shelves are getting packed to the edges with perfume, smellies and bath bombs (seriously, I think my husband is trying to tell me that I smell or something!) and for Mother's Day I prefer something that wont get stuck on a shelf or into the cupboard, something that is a treat, just for me, something that I love. 


And when it comes to chocolate, there is so much to choose from. Nut crunch, truffle bars, Continental fillings, fruits, caramels and so much more. Just thinking about it makes me salivate with desire. I love a big gooey box of nutty and caramel chocs that are just for me to devour.

If it was up to the kids I'd probably end up with a colouring book and some half eaten sweets from the shop haha, so I have taken to leaving my laptop on the side with hampers for her from Thorntons left open on the front page, just so my husband gets the hint. 

Obviously, you need to stick to a budget and there are loads out there, from only a few pounds, right up to big, elaborate hampers full of chocolatey goodness, all full of variety and different boxes packed with amazing flavours and fillings. When it comes to chocolate and treats, there is something suitable for everyone. 

I know it doesn't really matter about presents. Really, I'd be happy with spending the day with my children and hubby, or a simple card. But if you're preparing for your mum or wife/partner, and want to get her something that you'll know she will love, think chocolate!


  1. Mmm, I think I will show hubby this post and hope he takes note!

  2. hmmm will direct my hubby to this post, love a good hamper

  3. we still have loads of choc left from Christmas, really must use it up