10 February 2015

Getting In The Mindset After Children

I'm sure every mum knows that after children, you can get a little confused, what is known as 'baby brain'. No, it's not a myth, it really does exist. It can last for years not just whilst your children are babies and is more to do with the fact that you constantly have your children on your mind and everything you need to do with them, this is why you end up forgetting everything else. 

Being too busy sorting out children means you get distracted and that's why the remote ends up in the fridge or why your 3 year old gets your babies bottle instead of his dinner. There are thing that you can do to try and keep your brain working though.

I try to play games that get my brain working. Card games are great for this. They get your brain ticking, thinking about different things, and poker, the game that I love playing, teaches you how to multi-task in your game. You have to think about the cards, your opponents cards and trying to keep up your poker face too.

That's why Poker Stars have come up with this fab infographic which shows you how you can learn to play poker by thinking about different aspects of yourself rather than the game. Thinking about how your brain, emotions and physical fitness can affect how you play.

Although this is showing you how you can improve your game and learn how to have a great poker face, I find that a lot of these can relate to parenting too and will help to get your mindset back on track. If you learn these skills then not only will you be able to be a boss player at poker, but you can also use that poker face on your children and learn how to keep your cool under pressure. 

Do you play any sort of games to keep your bran ticking? Check below to see how doing different things and learning about yourself, your brain and exercise can affect how you play in games and in life too.


  1. Baby brain is still an issue in our house - and my baby is 3! x