20 February 2015

Don't Underestimate House Updating Costs

When it comes to buying a house, there are many aspects that you need to factor in before making that big offer and stamping down your routes. Not only is the price of the house a big part of it, but also, what needs doing to the house itself. Things that you might not think about at the time can become really expensive once you move in. 

So I thought I'd write a post about rooms in the house and what to look out for.

Kitchen Woes
The kitchen is obviously the place where all the big, expensive appliances go and, therefore, you need to make sure that it is capable of holding everything you need. When we got our house, our kitchen was the perfect size for us, but at that time, I didn't factor in the fact that we would have more children, and after buying a new, huge freezer to pack all our food into, I realised that it wasn't big enough. Short of building an extension to fit everything in, we had to settle on keeping the freezer in the hallway for the time being. 

Also, think about the fixtures and fittings. Is the kitchen to your taste? If not then make sure you factor that into the price as good quality kitchens can cost thousands to replace, even more so if the appliances are integrated into the cupboards. 

Our cloakroom, 3 months after moving in after damp took hold 
Bathroom Problems
Bathroom retailer, UK Bathrooms ran a survey (which was picked up by, and featured in the Independent) which asked more than 1,000 people what they would find most off-putting in a bathroom if buying a house? and surprisingly, half put black mould or a bad silicone finish at the top of their list which did shock me as, like a quarter of the people asked, I would say an outdated bathroom suite. 

Imagine, moving in to a property with an ugly coloured, or outdated bathroom suite. Not only would you need to spend more money to replace it but to also have a bathroom health check too as it is more than likely that the pipes, fittings, etc may need replacing too if they are as old as the suite. 

Redecorating is a pricey job
Another one that people forget about. Oh, it doesn't matter what the décor is like as you'll replace it right? Well yes, obviously, but do you know how much painting, wallpaper, re-plastering costs, not to mention new carpets and wooden flooring, it all adds up in the long run. 

Obviously, it's not just these areas as the garden costs can add up too. Not to mention to make sure that the house is big enough to grow in to. You don't want to be having to move a few years down the line when you've had another child and the house no longer fits your requirements. 

So make sure, before you go handing out all your savings, that you have taken everything into the equation, house size, what needs doing and work out whether the house is then worth it to you. 


  1. I can imagine! When my OH bought our house, we were left in debt as we didnt realise how much work actually needed doing

  2. Our bathroom was a state when we bought our house but we were blinded by first-time-buyer love!

  3. We had a nightmare doing our house, it cost twice as much as we thought! Good tip to take everything into equation, we didn't plus have a contingency for unexpected costs 😃

  4. We rent so I really hate spending anything on our house