24 February 2015

Asda's Half Term Toy Event

If you popped in to Asda over half term, you will have noticed that they have a huge toy event on at the moment. Well, this event finishes tomorrow so I thought I'd just let you all know and give you a reminder, to get down there and check out what they have on sale, before it finishes. 

Turtle Toys
If your child was a big fan of the Ninja Turtles film that came out last year, then they'll love the action figures that accompany this. In the toy event, these are on sale at £7 each, including the turtle and a range of the bad guys from the films too. The DVD itself is even in the sale too. 

Princess Sofia
If you have Disney Junior then I'm sure you have watched Sofia the First millions of times. my boys love it and are always singing along to it whilst watching on the television. This week the Sofia doll is in the Asda event at only £15 which is an amazing deal. 

Lego Movie
Probably one of the biggest kids films of last year, The Lego Movie. 'Everything is awesome' when it comes to the sale price of only £7 for this fab, funny film that is not only a great kids film, but adults love it too!

Well, you can't have a good toy event without Barbie being involved and this week, the Mega Barbie Camper Van is only £15 which is fantastic value for such a fab toy. 

And it's not just these, there are many more amazing toys on sale in the Asda toy event and loads of DVD's too. 

I'm definitely popping in to Asda tomorrow to stock up on DVD's for the boys to watch when the next school holidays arrive!

You can find all these toys and much more on the Asda website and in store.


  1. i love half term deals, i like to stock up on xmas prezzies during the sales

  2. We popped into our local Asda during half term and managed to get all 4 of teh children a new toy each and it only cost £20! Love a bargain