13 January 2015

Tech Too My Animal Slide Tablet

One thing Charlie loves at the moment, is animals. He is obsessed with them and is always pointing them out on the television and pictures etc so when we received the My Animal Slide Tablet to review as part of being a KD Mumbassador, I knew that he would love it.

The My Animal Slide Tablet is from the Tech Too range of KD's toys and all the toys in the range are based around the fact that children love to imitate the actions of their parents. The range is  designed to include a wide range of interactive games and stand out to children as a tablet, keys, remote or phone type toys, that children associate with being parents 'toys'.

Each of the toys include interactive features and educational gaming activities whist diverting your children's attention from your own tablets and phones and gives them their own to play with.

So, on to the My Animal Slide Tablet...

The My Animal Slide Tablet is all based around animals and their babies. It is a tablet that features a whole host of animals on the screen but then simply use the slider to reveal even more animals that are hidden away.

Featuring over 40 animals, there are six activities to choose from based around the animals on the screen. IT all based around children learning whilst having fun. Through playing the games, and listening to the tablet talk, children can discover animal names and point out the ones that they already know, learn about colours, numbers and animal habitats and, Charlie's personal favourite, match the baby animals with their adult counterparts.

The benefits of this tablet toy is that children get to play and learn at the same time. It teaches about animals and what each of their babies are called, where they live and all other information too. It helps children to understand about animals and is an introduction to counting skills too. 

It also develops the understanding of matching skills (animals to their babies), hand-eye coordination and improves observation skills with the fact that children need to search for specific items on the tablet whilst listening to what is being said and working out which animals or locations fit with the questions.

Charlie absolutely loves playing with the My Animal Slide Tablet from Tech Too and already, I have noticed a difference in his understanding of animals. He can point more of the obscure ones out on the tablet and, after a bit of looking, can work out which ones match together and is even trying to say more of their names too which is great.

For a child that is learning to say more words, identify animals and differentiate between them too, this is a great toy to have a leads to hours of fun for them. 

You can find more information about the Tech Too My Animal Slide Tablet and the rest of the range on the KD UK website

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  1. Never heard of this brand before but no my daughter would love this as she is animal mad, will have to look out for it, thank you for the review