8 January 2015

January Sales Must Buys

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Is it me or do the January sales get earlier and earlier each year. I remember when the January sales started on New Year’s Day. Then they crept back a few days and started Boxing Day. Now I am sure they start way before Christmas. Does this mean by first week in January all the good deals have gone? 

Well no not all, there are still good deals to be had, if you know what to look for. From my searching the sales I have decided there a few things that you defiantly have to buy in the January Sales.

Christmas Food 
Things like cake and puddings can have a very long shelf life. Check the best before dates though to make sure. You might not want to save it to next year as I know a few people who would eat Christmas pudding any time of the year and cant as the puddings aren't on the shop shelves.

Christmas cards, wrapping etc
I have noticed that the later into January you leave it the more of a reduction they have. Yes it’s a bit early to be thinking about our next Christmas but when the stores just want to get the Christmas stock off their shelves they are really reducing the prices. Too good to be missed really and can really save pounds. But do store them away properly so that they don’t get ruined or damp. Ideally keep them somewhere you won’t forget too.

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You know all those rows of boxed smelly's that lined all the shop aisles. The ones we all picked up last minute so to give an extra little present. Shops buy them in the tonne load. They always get left with a fair few and they make it to the bargain aisle too. Now if you’re really organised that’s some of next year’s Christmas presents sorted. Or maybe use them in the year for birthday gifts. 
Most of the stores at Christmas time sold gifts of some sort and these too can be ideal presents next year. Just browsing the stores at VoucherBin I found several of my favourite stores had further reductions off their sale prices. Again it’s saving more money on next year’s spending.

Genuine deals and bargains
It does seem that everyone has a sale just because everyone else is having a sale. Some of the sales are brilliant but a lot of them can be just to draw you in and then to sell you something else. If you’re shopping online, like at Mothercare (oh that reminds me must check out the prams in their sale!) or in store always ask yourself if it’s a genuine bargain. If it’s a few pounds or lots of pounds of the original price, it’s only a bargain if you actually want the product. If your only looking at a product because its reduce does sort of mean you don’t really want or need the product. Bit like buying dog food because it’s on a special deal but not actually owning a dog.

Have you managed to find any fab deals in the January Sales?

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  1. I do love the sales but spend way too much in them. I get prepared for next Christmas early, like you x