16 January 2015

Best Places To Play Bingo With The Entire Family

Way before bingo reached the shores of the UK, the game was originally played in Italy and France. Whilst in Germany, bingo was played for an altogether different purpose. It was not just for fun, but was used for educational purpose as well. Times changed, and the game moved to the States where it was known as ‘Beano’. The name soon got changed when someone accidentally shouted out ‘Bingo’, and the rest is history.

The game has come a long way indeed. In this day and age, bingo is played in clubs, churches, parties and even virtually. While the elderly prefer hitting the bingo halls, youths who are more tech savvy, choose to stay back home and play bingo in sites like newlookbingo.com. For those who want to paint the town red can get involved in the fun bingo events, whilst who wish to stay back home for a quiet evening, can play free bingo online as well.
Photo from Stuart Miles of freedigitalphotos.net
Bingo has won hearts of millions of people. The fact that it’s so easy with a chance to win a substantial amount of money, has made the game so much popular. In fact, instead of typically playing bingo online, one can also choose to play in a family gathering as well. Here are some cool places to try out this game:

If you have a spacious backyard or garden, get your friends and family together and plan a barbecue. It will be fun to have everyone together and experience the adrenaline pumping bingo action.

This might sound a bit offbeat, but playing bingo on a tree-house (if you have one) can be super fun. Remember the days when as a kid we would hide inside the tree house or the attic to have some ‘me time’? Well, this is a similar idea, just that there will be no deathly silence.

Besides the usual, living spaces, trying out bingo in a totally new place can really make up for a boring evening. So try out this game in some wacky place. I don’t care how zany it is, I would love to hear your experience with bingo.

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