16 January 2015

Being A #KurioFamilyBlogger - Kurio Tab

Just before Christmas, I wrote about the joy of being selected as a #KurioFamilyBlogger and the fact that it meant that we would get to test out one of their products, The Kurio Tab. (You can read that initial post here) I knew that this would be something that both boys would love and, although I'm not one for giving or letting my children play with technology much, I wanted to give it a try and see the difference between a tablet made for children compared with a regular one. 

Could it really be a great educational tool without making my children vulnerable online? Well, the answer to that, is yes!

When it comes to setting up the tablet, you, the parent, gets to decide how it will be used. Whether your child can access the internet, how long they play for, what type of content can be used etc, and, because the parents panel, where all the settings are decided, are password protected, it means that your child can only access what you set. 

With the boys, I restricted internet use, they are only 5 and 3 and so do not need to be using the net at all. But, just to mention, the Kurio Tab has genius internet filtering system whereby it filters, categorises and updates 450+ million websites daily to keep children safe online. Children will not be able to access websites that are adult only content and you can even go into the settings and block websites that you don't like too. 

The tablet is really easy to set up. Once you have created your own parental profile, you then have to create your child's profile too (you can have up to 8 profiles on the one tablet) and also set up any online places too such as the Google Play Store etc which can only be accessed through the parent profile. 

Playing the tablet is super easy. Once you've selected your profile, all the apps are shown on screen, which you can side left and right to find more of them. Full of games, apps and books, it really is ready to play with. No need to start downloading games because there are already loads pre-installed on the tablet. 

The one thing that I love, is that all the games featured, aren't just boring ones that kids learn nothing from. They all have purpose. Even Cut The Rope 2 (a favourite of the boys) teaches them about coordination and how to work things out whilst also being a very fun game to play. 

Talking Ginger is another favourite of the boys. You basically have to wash and clean the little cat and collect pieces of a puzzle by completing little tasks and playing mini games. I also like that this has a feature whereby it shows Ginger brushing his teeth and counts down a timer whilst he's doing it to show children just how long they should be brushing there teeth. I must admit that the boys do enjoy taking the tablet into the bathroom so they can brush their teeth whilst Ginger does too.

Most importantly though, it's not just about sitting down and staring at a tablet all day and the Kurio Tablet is the 1st tablet with Body Motion Gaming. That's right, it comes with a little stand to hold the tablet up and has a few games that need to be played whilst stood up, away from the tablet. Exercise and fitness games such as swimming and skiing are fun for the boys. They enjoy standing in front of the tablet and waving their hands in the air like mad-men to win the races. I love this too as it means that they are up and moving about whilst playing. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the Kurio Tab. Not only is it a fun, educational tablet, made specifically for children, but it also has safety and security at the forefront of it's design to give parents peace of mind that their children cannot access anything untoward. 

You can find out more information and view all of the Kurio products on the Kurio website.


  1. I wish I had the same experience as you Michaela. We had good experience at the beginning, until the screen broke! It happened so simply but of course kurio do not want to know. So after 4days of use you can imagine my frustration, such a waste of money. What makes it worse is that it was a present from Santa and my wee boy who is only 6 is so so sad. WARNING--- DO NOT BUY A KURIO TABLET!

    From Angry mum N.Ireland

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you've had problems with yours and hope you manage to get it sorted x

    2. Kurio have replied and refusing to do anything. There are a lot of people with the same problem if you look back on their FB page. My advice is just be careful with it, its too fragile for a child- friendly device.