20 January 2015

Bazaar Bag From Beanbag Bazaar

When Beanbag Bazaar got in touch with me asking if we would like to review a Bazaar Bag, I couldn't say yes fast enough. I knew that it would be one thing that the boys would love, but also, I assumed that it would be great for me, being so heavily pregnant. 

So, a bit about the Bazaar Bag.

The Bazaar Bag is the staple beanbag from Beanbag Bazaar. Their original, big and bold bean bag. Coming in with an approximate size of 180cm x 140cm, it is a huge chunk it in the size stakes. For extra piece of mind, the whole beanbag has been double stitched for extra strength and the inner beans are locked in with 2 zips to stop any from escaping. 

The size of this beanbag means that it can easily fit two adults on it and can be shaped into four different seating positions although the boys just love the jump and splat where you land position! Available in 8 colours, we decided on aqua as I knew eventually it would go into the boys room and this colour matches perfectly with their bedrooms theme. 

When we received the beanbag, it arrived in 2 huge boxes. One containing the outer beanbag with some beans included inside, the other box had a huge bag of beans inside it which we put straight into the beanbag to plump it out into it's fullest shape. 

The Bazaar Bag is huge to say the least. It's waterproof material means that it can be used outdoors, although when not in use, it must be stored inside, and it's bright, bold colouring stands out so much.

First of all, for the boys, this is the perfect item. They sit on the Bazaar Bag whilst reading, playing, watching television, anything really. They even fell asleep on it the other evening which was so adorable. I guess it is just that comfortable that they couldn't resist having a snooze.

For me though, being 8 and a half months pregnant means that I struggle to get comfortable but now I lay on the Bazaar Bag and relax whilst the beans inside the bag mould to my bump and give my body comfort to lay in a position that would usually hurt to do so.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the Bazaar Bag. It is essentially a piece of portable furniture that can be taken to anywhere inside the house and into the garden too. The quality material makes it durable and it's easily movable whilst also giving support whilst sat on it and being amazing comfortable too.

To view more information on the Bazaar Bag, check out the Beanbag Bazaar website.


  1. Oh wow! That looks huge! Very cool though! I imagine it being so comfy especially for someone like you who's pregnant :) x

  2. Wow!That is one massive bean bag! Looks awesome though! X

  3. I am loving this!! I think I will get one for my 2. What a fab idea!! Angela x

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