29 August 2014

Asda Baby & Toddler Event

Now that we finally know the sex of our bump, we can now start buying baby bits for our little boy. I love baby events and so usually stock up when they are on. 

Asda has a great Baby & Toddler Event which started this week. A whole range of baby clothing, nappies and bigger items like car seats and prams which are all massively discounted on sale. 

A couple of days ago, we popped up to Asda to get the boys some new clothes and came out with a few things from the event whilst we were there. I do hate going shopping to the big Asda, not for any bad reason, but because the choice of clothes for children is so amazing, that I end up buying way too much. We weren't even supposed to be getting baby bits this week but I couldn't help myself. 

These gorgeous Disney outfits are an amazing price. The outfit in the centre priced at only £6. Made from soft material and emblazoned with cute Disney characters. They come in different colours, suitable for girls boys and even unisex colours like the one on the right. I love the quality of the clothing at Asda, and the fact that they do the Disney range which is super cute. 

We also managed to get a fab Tommee Tippee Newborn Starter Kit which comes with everything you need for bottle feeding a newborn baby and a few extras for as they get older. This is on sale at only £65 in the Asda Baby Event and comes with an Electric steam steriliser and Travel steriliser, an Electric bottle and food warmer, 3 small bottles and 5 large bottles, 2 medium flow teats and 2 fast flow teats, 4 milk storage lids and 6 milk powder dispensers, 2 insulated bottle bags, a bottle and teat brush, soother and a pair of tongs.

The Mamas & Papas Barnie Buggy is only £60 in the sale and the gorgeous blue and white stripes with yellow hood, make it unisex and suitable for any baby as is the Red Kite Cotton Tail Play Gym which is only £15 and the Kinder Valley Tiny Ted Moses Basket for £23. You can also pick up jumbo boxes for nappies for £9 and mega boxes for £10, that's a lot of nappies. 

I really cannot wait until our little boy arrives now so that he can wear the cute outfits that we have purchased. The Asda Baby & Toddler Event is on in store and online now. 

26 August 2014

100 Years of Magic: Disney On Ice

My boys are huge Disney fans as am I. Ever since I got my first Disney video for Christmas (wow I feel old) which was Beauty and the Beast, I have been a Disney fanatic and have tried to collect as many of the films as possible. Having young nieces and nephews made it perfect too as I would always be curled up sat watching kids films with them just as an excuse to see them. The Lion King was one of my favourites.

Thomas is obsessed with Frozen at the minute, I couldn't even count how many times he has watched it. He seems to go through fazes of watching different films. Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo, we've seen them all.

At the moment, the 100 Years of Magic: Disney On Ice tour is working it's way around the UK. You can join the celebration as 65 of Disney's unforgettable characters come to life in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic.

Much loved characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio and all the Disney Princesses will be there and you can follow exciting moments from The Lion King, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Toy Story. 

Unfortunately for me, and my kids obviously, they don't come to Leeds, but there are many other locations that I have been looking at to see if we can find the perfect excuse to go on a trip to see Disney. 

The show visits Glasgow at the end of September which would fit in well with our yearly jaunt to see my Scottish relatives, just before my birthday. We don't drive and so lazy us usually hop on a quick flight to Glasgow (yes we are lazy) and then stay somewhere close by. Having a look around, staying somewhere like Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport would fit in well for visiting my relatives and for getting a bit of a Disney fix. 

If we decided to stay close to home, the show is Manchester too. Making a weekend of it, staying at the Crowne Plaza Manchester Airport and then going on a shopping spree afterwards to treat the boys and our little bump would be great. Or we could even go to Birmingham during the school holidays and have a little break away in the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC and again there are lots of other things to be getting on with down there too after we've been to see Disney. 

Pic Credit: Disney On Ice

I really can't wait to get saving up and book our tickets to see the show. No only do you get to see your favourite characters, but a whole host of different Disney characters too from over the years. For me, I can't wait to see Simba and Aladdin, but I know that my boys will be blown away by Buzz Lightyear.

Whenever we go, I know that Timon and Pumbaa will keep us entertained singing Hakuna Matata and I'll even have to teach the little ones the words before we go. Yes I do know them all, I'm a big kid at heart. 

Will you be visiting the 100 Years of Magic: Disney On Ice tour? Who would you most like to see?

23 August 2014

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Starter Kit

When preparing for a new baby it's great to start early and stock up. I found that looking for the perfect feeding equipment was hard work. I will be mix feeding (between breast and bottle) and so want to get organised with buying everything so we don't have to worry when the bundle arrives. 

That's when I found the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Starter Kit which is currently in the Asda Baby and Toddler Event. It comes complete with everything you will need for bottle feeding, plus extras to help out with night feeds and feeding on the go too. 

When I was pregnant the last 2 times, I found that buying everything I needed for feeding became very expensive once I realised how many extra items you needed apart from the bottles. The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Starter Kit is currently on sale at Asda for the amazing price of £65 which fantastic considering everything you get. 

The set includes:
  • Electric steam steriliser
  • Travel steriliser
  • Electric bottle and food warmer
  • 150ml bottles x 3 with soft flow teats (Birth+)
  • 260ml bottles x 5 with soft flow teats (Birth+)
  • Medium flow teats x 2 (3 to 6 Months)
  • Fast flow teats x 2 (6+ Months)
  • Milk storage lids x 4
  • Milk powder dispensers x 6 (Birth+)
  • Insulated bottle bags x 2
  • Bottle and teat brush x 1
  • Pure Soother x 1, Birth to 3 months
  • 1 x Teat tongs

As you can see, a lot for your money. 

The electric steriliser is great for hygienically cleaning all of the bottles whilst the travel steriliser will fit in one bottle and can be used in a microwave or as a cold water steriliser if you are out and about. 

I used to hate having to find my way downstairs whilst holding a newborn and warming a bottle to the correct temperature so I know that the electric warm will come in handy. Small and compact, perfect to store in the babies bedroom to quickly heat a bottle up for a night feed. It can even heat baby food up also so will come in handy for weaning too. 

I love the Tommee Tippee bottles because they have a wide neck which makes making up the bottles super easy. They are designed to flex and stretch to mimic the natural look and feel of mum's breast making bottle feeding and mix feeding easier. 

Baby Boy number 3
The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Starter Kit is on offer in the Asda Baby & Toddler event from today online and from Monday instore. Be sure to check out the rest of the event too as there are some massive savings to be had. 

21 August 2014

Boys School Uniform From Aldi

Buying school uniforms is hard work. Finding ones that are great quality but a fair price too. Ones that will last the bumps and scrapes that all children have and ones that will withstand the washer and dryer without going out of shape. 

Aldi sent us a set of their uniform perfect for Thomas when he goes up to year 1 after the holidays. Sending us a pack of polo neck white t-shirts, a pair of trousers and a navy jumper too. 

Amazingly, the cost of one uniform (polo shirt, jumper and trousers) is an amazingly low £4. How fantastic is that. But, does that mean that we have to swap quality for the cheap price? 

Well no actually...

I like the fit of the Aldi uniform. The jumpers and t-shirts fit Thomas really well and the trousers are a great length so will last a while yet.
The fact that the trousers have a clip fastening means that Thomas can undo them himself when he needs the toilet. I usually always struggle with the sizing of trousers as Thomas has long legs and a tiny waist which can make it hard getting the correct size, but these fit fine. 

To give this uniform a good testing whilst in the school holidays, I got Thomas to wear the jumper and t-shirt a few times whilst we were crafting, sticking and painting and then washing to see if marks would come out and how the material looked after a few washes. 

The navy jumper was fantastic and came out looking new, even after a few washes and kept it's shape too which I was happy to see and usually cheaper items can go out of shape easily. 

A few walks runs on the park proved that the trousers were capable to withstand the odd fall and graze without mark too and the polo shirts also washes well, although after a few washes the grass stains were a little reluctant to come off. 

Overall, I am happy with the quality of the Aldi uniform and extremely happy with the price too. Visit Aldi to see the full range they offer and you'll too be amazed at the prices. 

20 August 2014

UK Breakaways Competition

There are many places in the UK that I love, mainly in Yorkshire as I love my county and stay in it most of the time.

Leeds is my hometown and has lots of places to visit, to eat, shop, have fun. And you can even scout the area for history at Temple Newsam and the Royal Armouries. 

I love York too. The Cathedral on the hillside is stunning, York Maze is an amazing day out and the Railway Museum is great to learn about historic trains and the industry. 

Loads of historic places that I have visited all along Yorkshire. Kirkstall Abbey is absolutely lovely and has a wealth of history behind it. Scarborough Castle is stunning and various other places I have been to too. 

There many more that I have never visited but would love to. 

I would love to visit Stonehenge though one day. See the amazing sights and the power that surrounds the area. Learn about the history and all the mythology too. 

But my favourite place of all is Scarborough. In fact, I love it so much that we are there at the moment. Spending some lovely family time together. 

Where is your favourite place? If you write about your favourite town, you could be entered into the UK Breakaways competition. Just write a post before the 31st August and tweet it to them to be entered. 

So what are you waiting for, get entering now. 

15 August 2014

My Maternity Clothes Wishlist

Now that my bump is starting to grow bigger, my clothing is getting a little tight and so it's time to start thinking about maternity clothing. Normal clothes now press on my stomach and make me feel uncomfortable so I have been trying to find the best clothing for myself, to my style and in my price bracket. 

I'm not one to spend a fortune on maternity wear. I mean, what's the point as you're only wearing it for a few months and then it's not needed any more, so I don't see the point in spending more than what is needed. I love clothes shopping in supermarkets and George has a lovely range of maternity clothes that are not only stylish but are affordable too. 

A good bra is a must in pregnancy. I find that under-wired ones push on me and the bump (yes your bump will really push that high) and so I find the sports type bras are comfier and extra supportive too. 

Since the weather is nice at the moment, I would only really buy one pair of maternity jeans as I much prefer wearing dresses, but these would just be in case it gets cold when the Autumn and winter hits. Maternity jeans are perfect for wearing whilst you're feeling uncomfortable because instead of having a zip or buttoned fastening, they have a stretchy waist which covers the hole of your bump. No more waist band digging in. 

There are a plethora of tops to choose from. I find that if you pick quite a few tops and ten just a couple of bottoms, you can mix and match to make different outfit combinations. Most maternity tops are flared rather than hugging the bump so can even be work after pregnancy to hide your tummy afterwards.  

I do love the huge range of maternity wear available at the moment, giving you style and comfort and showing off your lovely bump. I can't wait to start my collection. 

14 August 2014

My Dream Bathroom

Over the past year or so, we have totally redone the whole house, fixed it up and redecorated all the rooms, well, apart from the bathroom that is. We have never got round to redoing it because, to be honest, I know that a total overhaul (which is in need) would cost us a small fortune. 

Now though, since every other room is done, I have started thinking about how I would like it to look once finished and am trying to search for everything I like before going ahead with the task at hand. 

I'm not really in to plain styles, the usual magnolia and white. I like colour, I like depth, I like passion. Therefore, I think it would probably go dark, like dark tiles, deep colours and lighting dotted about to give it a nice relaxing feel when I am enjoying some peace on my own (doesn't happen that often!) but also some practical elements like a towel radiator to keep the boys towels toasty warm. 

A gorgeous roll top bath would be my idea of true style. Right at the centre of the room to stand out. 

Can you imagine dipping in to one of them, full to the top with hot, soapy bubbles, glass of wine in hand (okay maybe not for me at the moment) and a few candles dotted around. Pure luxury. And what types of candles? Well, that would be a candelabra or two, some gorgeous scented candles on them ready to be burned and letting out just the right amount of light. 

I would love one of those huge shower heads by Mira that totally covers the whole body with warm water, imagining that I'm at a luxury spa whilst in the comfort of my own home. And what's more, the whole room would look like my at home spa. Just calling to me to come and relax once I've finished sorting the kids out. 

Now I know that something like this, with candles etc, wouldn't be really practical whilst we have young children (and another on the way) but that is why this is called my dream bathroom. The candles would only be lit when I'm relaxing and the rest of the time, they will be pretty accessories to make the room look beautiful. 

I can't wait to get started and bulldoze the room that we already call our bathroom, but I think at the moment, we will have to wait until the baby is born and we have more time to organise everything. I really don't want to be rushing around whilst pregnant, searching for the perfect fixtures and fittings. 

  • But watch this space, one day soon I will have my dream bathroom!

12 August 2014

Suffering With Heartburn In Pregnancy

I am now nearly 16 weeks pregnant. Slowly getting past the sickness stage, as you all know, I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum which has caused me a lot of illness in the first stages of pregnancy. To be honest, I am glad the first stage is over and that I am now into the full swing of the second trimester as it means that I can enjoy my pregnancy a lot more now the worry is over and since the sickness is easing. 

But, in my mind, never too far away from my thoughts, is the next bad stage that most mums will know about. Yes, heartburn. Getting heartburn while pregnant is very common and even though you'd imagine it as a bit of discomfort, in pregnancy it can be significant;y worse. Lucky us eh?!

Heartburn usually starts around the middle of pregnancy and slowly gets worse right until the end, sometimes even in to motherhood too. It's right at the point where you are struggling to sleep because your bump is wide awake, you can't get comfy and need the toilet more often than not. Well, lets face it, by the end of pregnancy, you might as well move your bed into the bathroom as that's where you spend most of your time. 

The symptoms of heartburn are usually the feeling of a burning sensation coming from your stomach right to the back of your throat sometimes leaving an acidic taste in your mouth. Nearly three quarters of pregnant women will suffer from heartburn by the third trimester of pregnancy and one in three of them will also suffer with indigestion. This is where you may feel bloated and uncomfortable and get pains in your chest and stomach. All part of the joys of pregnancy. 

You can treat heartburn in a variety of different ways such as:
  • Eating healthier, trying not to eat acidic foods
  • Using more pillows to sleep in an upright position
  • Keeping your weight down
For me though, I've found that the best remedy is to buy products such as Gaviscon, which I practically lived off during my last 2 pregnancies and no doubt will do this time round too. 

Once you fall pregnant and have been certified by a midwife, you can apply for what is called a 'Maternity Exemption Certificate' which gives you free NHS prescriptions throughout your whole pregnancy and for the twelve months after that too. This then means that you can then get remedies, such as Gaviscon, on prescription to save you those extra pennies to spend on your impending baby. 

Above all, try to keep stress free. Yes, pregnancy is a pain in the bum sometimes. Sickness, heartburn, constantly needing to pee. But you'll miss it once it's over, so remember to capture as much of it as you can. 

10 August 2014

Pregnancy Update - Week 15

This week I have started feeling a little better. I think my Hyperemesis Gravidarum at be starting to subside now. Well, fingers crossed anyway. 

I still can't drink plain old water as I get nauseous at the thought so am still living off copious amounts of soda water and Coke, I think the fizziness helps. Although, I have found something else this week too which means I any finally drink coffee again. 

These yummy NescafĂ© cappuccino sachets are unsweetened (perfect for me as I don't take sugar in my coffee) and are also decaf so don't give me that dizziness whilst drinking them. They are extra yummy too. 

I picked then up in Asda for only £1.50 and they are truly scrumptious. It's amazing to be able to have coffee again. 

Eating is getting a little better although I do seen to be able to eat better if someone else is cooking it. Greasy food is still a no no too but in getting there slowly. 

As for my bump, I feel totally massive. I look massive. To look at me, you wouldn't believe that I'm just past the first trimester. 

I do love it though, waking up and feeling bigger, feeling my baby growing. Yes, I may struggle some days with sickness and feel like it's the worst thing in the world, but I wouldn't give it up. My little bump is a part of me, a part of our family. 

8 August 2014

Working and Finding Employment Whilst Pregnant

It can be very hard to work whilst pregnant, but needs must when you have a family to look after and so sometimes, finding the best in a situation and keeping in employment that works best for you is the preferable way to go. 

A problem you may come across is finding employment whilst pregnant, there are many jobs that you would find difficult to do whilst hoisting around your ever growing bump and so it's great to make a concious decision before applying, as to what you are actually capable of in your condition. 

Before blogging, I always worked in an office which was great as it meant that I was sat down, typing a lot and not constantly moving around or stood up for prolonged periods of time. I was unfortunate to be made redundant whilst pregnant though and had to end up trying to find new employment. 

Although I knew that companies aren't allowed to discriminate against pregnancy, I could always imagine them turning me down when I walked in the room in a huge maternity outfit and not looking very professional and it was hard to find work. 

Now it's all changed though as there are many maternity stores that cater for working mums and offer suitable clothing. For me though, I think that black works. A loose fitting black blouse over your bump will hide the size you are and then use colourful accessories to take the eye away from yourself. Some nice jewellery and a stand out bag such as this gorgeous Cath Kidston one which will take the focus away from you. 

Now there are more and more ways to look for the perfect job. City Calling are an online company who specialise in UK job search and making finding employment as easy as possible, you can even do it on the move through your mobile. Now you can find employment from the comfort of your own home and whittle down the ones that are suitable for you and your situation before applying.

Most employers will be fine with your situation and will try to accommodate you and your bump. And don't worry about the end stages of pregnancy, that's what maternity leave is for.

5 August 2014

Guess The Gender Of Bumple

I am now 14 weeks and 4 days pregnant and ever since seeing my bumple of my first scan, I haven't been able to sit still, too busy wondering the sex of my little bump. 

These are the pictures from my last scan, at 12 weeks and 5 days...

Now, can you guess what sex our little bundle will be? Do you have an inkling at all? Well here is your chance to guess and win our latest giveaway.

All you have to do is comment below letting me know whether you think we're having a boy or a girl and then fill your details in on the Rafflecopter form so I can contact you if you are drawn as the winner (and maybe get a few entry entries too). And don't worry, everyone who enters and puts in a guess will be entered, you don't have to be correct to win, it's just a bit of fun.

I have booked a private scan for the evening of the 22nd August and so this giveaway ends the night before and of course wont be drawn until after my scan. 

The prize? This gorgeous Seksy White Mother of Pearl Dial & White Leather Strap Watch worth £69.99

Please remember to check the T&C's at the bottom of the Rafflecopter application and our full terms here. This giveaway is open to the UK only and any entries left that do not follow the mandatory entries will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question the Rafflecopter will then open a round of optional extras, you do not have to enter any of these but these will give you extra entries into the competition. 

And please, if you are commenting on the blog as 'anonymous' can you please write your name in the comment otherwise I cannot count your entry.

Ends midnight 21st August