12 June 2014

Father's Day Cake Card From Sponge.co.uk

Trying to find the perfect present for someone can be hard, especially for Father's Day when your husband is so fussy about what he likes. Sponge.co.uk make something specifically for this. A cake card. 

Their cake card costs just £7.50 and includes a letterbox sized card that comes complete with a slice of your favourite cake. Not only that but it can be personalised especially for the lucky one to receive it. 

You can choose from 5 delicious flavours, chocolate, lemon, Victoria sponge, coffee or carrot. And what's more, if you want to slip in an extra slice for yourselves, it costs just £2.50 extra. The price includes delivery too which, when I received this, arrived the next day. 

I find that this is a great little present to surprise anyone with. You can personalise the front for any celebration and then write your own greetings inside for a more personal touch. 

The cake itself is super scrummy. I chose Victoria sponge because I know that my husband absolutely loves it. And this one was no exception, he wolfed it down in no time, not even sharing a little bite at all. 

To say that it had gone through he postal system and no doubt got bashed about a bit. my husband said that it was moist and very lovely. The cream and jam inside had beautiful flavour and he was left wanting more. 

I can't wait until I need inspiration for the next special occasion, because I definitely know where to come. 

10 June 2014

Fab Father’s Day Gifts For Dad’s For Under A Tenner

When it comes to showing dad just how great he is this father’s day, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. In fact, there are loads of gifts out there that show your appreciation but that are a fraction of the price.

We've hand-picked some of our favourite father’s day gifts for dad’s that are under the cheap and cheerful price of £10, which is great if you’re watching the pennies this year.

A photo upload mug 
If dad is a complete caffeine fiend, why not make your own mug at My Photo Gifts for him? You could upload pictures of the little ones on it along with a special message from them, which is sure to brighten up his morning coffee and won’t break the bank, either. You could even get him a matching coaster to save your coffee table, too!

Chocolate or other sweet treats
Spoil him silly with a special sweet treat. Food gifts are great as they’re always really appreciated (after all, who doesn't like chocolate?!) and they’re good for whoever’s buying it as you can get great cheap options. We love this chocolate trophy from Thortons as you can add a message on it too, to really show dad he’s a winner.

A bottle of his favourite tipple
Likewise, an alcoholic treat is always a luxury, so why not treat him to a bottle of something he loves this year? If he has expensive taste, you can think outside the box and look for a slightly cheaper version of what he likes. For example, rather than a big bottle of a spirit, you can get a gift set of miniatures instead which always tends to work out much cheaper, like this one that we found on Amazon.

A personalised father’s day book
The perfect option for if your little ones are at that age where they want to be really heavily involved in the process of buying their dad a father’s day gift is to help them personalise something special for him. We love personalised father’s day gift books as they allow them to write their own messages to him which makes them stand out from other gifts. (It’s also ideal if your family situation may differ slightly as some don't use the words ‘dad’ or ‘father’ which can be really useful).

A framed photo or framed hand or foot prints
If your little ones are really little, how about framing a hand or foot print for dad this year? You can buy sets to make your own prints pretty cheaply online too, and then all you need to do is frame it. You can even get decent frames from pound stores now. Or, if they’re a bit older, how about framing dad’s favourite picture of himself with the kids and let him put it up wherever he chooses? You could even get him a mini version of it for his desk at work, too.

4 June 2014

Making A Child’s Bedroom Feel More Grown Up

It’s a moment that a lot of parents dread when their children stop being children and want everything to be more grown up. Suddenly some of their toys are cast aside, clothes are pushed to the back of the wardrobe and their favourite TV programmes are flicked past as if they never existed.

The same thing happens when it comes to the décor of their bedroom. Once upon a time they may have liked the princess wallpaper or cowboy duvet covers but there comes a time when all of that is far too childish and they want something a little more grown up. Here’s some tips on making that happen…

Go for plain or simple patterns
All that Fireman Sam room decoration is going to have to disappear unfortunately. In fact, it’s probably best to get rid of anything that has a ‘character’ on it and opt for simple, plain colours. You could still go for bright colours, such as oranges or greens but it should be kept a lot simpler. More minimal = more grown up. This should apply to most things throughout the room, including curtains, bedding, cushions, etc. For example, Prestigious Textiles do some nice curtains that look very grown up but still have some character to them.

Buy them a desk
A desk is one piece of furniture that is almost guaranteed to make them feel more grown up. Desks are usually perceived to be for school or for offices, so to have one in their room provides them with their own space on which they can do any homework they may have, thus making them feel much more grown up. If they have happened to have a computer to put on there then that’s even better! If you’re short on space then a bunk bed may have room for a desk underneath.

Let them put some posters/pictures up
They may already have some posters or pictures up in their bedroom but it might be time for a change. Allowing them to put up some different posters will let them put their own stamp on the room and they can always change them at a later date if they get bored or grow out of them. AllPosters.co.uk is a great place to find all kinds of posters.

Put a lock on their door
Not all parents will agree with this, which is understandable, but as your children get older then they will want more privacy and fitting a lock on the door is a way of giving this to them. If they have a

younger sibling then installing a lock on the outside of the door could also prevent unwanted intrusions when they’re not around.

A washing basket
This one is more for you, but wouldn’t it be much nicer if all the washing was in one place rather than scattered all over the floor?!

On Your Bike! Win a Boardman Bike with The Light, Leeds

The Tour de France is known for it's ending, on the Champs-Elysees but this year the big race starts on The Headrow in Leeds. On 5th July the world’s most famous cycling race will depart from Leeds town hall, passing directly in front of The Light before heading through the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

I love the fact that the Tour de France will be passing through my home town, through the place I like to call home, actually starting outside the place that we got married (Leeds Town Hall) and the lucky cyclists are in for a treat, getting to cycle through the stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales. 

With only a month to go until this momentous event comes to Leeds, The Light is offering cyclists the chance to win a Boardman Bike and helmet.

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The Boardman Road Comp Bike 2014 (worth £699.99) and Boardman Team Road Bike Helmet (worth £49.99) will be on display at the centre until 27 July 2014. With its lightweight alloy frame, full carbon fibre fork and shimano 18 speed gear shifters, the lucky winner will be able to enjoy the ride of their life.

You can enter online now on The Light website (note: the winner will need to collect the bike from The Light, Leeds)

The Light, recently rebranded as La Lumière, in celebration of the big event, will also host a full programme of cycling-related events throughout June and early July including free bike maintenance workshops and pedal-powered smoothie bikes.

So, what are you waiting for, pop over and get entering for a chance to win the fantastic bike. 

3 June 2014

Our Little Secret

Last Thursday was a sad day for us. We found out that the hubster needed spinal surgery and would be going to hospital in 6 weeks to have it.

But, we also found out some good news. Some news that I wasn't going to talk about just yet. Some news that has made us all so happy.

I am pregnant!!! 

Yes, we are all so happy that we are having our third child and cannot wait to start organising the spare room and buying baby things.

I was going to keep it a secret until after the first scan, just because of the miscarriage I had last year and the risk of it happening again. But after speaking to my GP, who told me that I had most likely miscarried due to the depo provera contraceptive injection still being in my body causing myself to reject the baby. 

Plus, after speaking with my husband, we agreed that if it was to happen again, we would want people to know. Why should we have to hide in silence whilst grieving. I think pregnancy and loss should be talked about and understood more. 

So, that was our decision, to announce to everyone our happy news... And now on to eating all the sweet treats out of the cupboard since I seem to feel hungry all the time since finding out!

Win £40 To Spend At Buyatankard.com

Should I say it? The C word? Christmas... oh my gosh, yes I said it... Being a frugal person, I have already started the present buying (I started in January when all the wrapping paper goes on sale) and so I thought I'd host a giveaway for you to win something for the man in your life.

If I was to spoil my dad, he would love this giveaway that I am hosting. You see, he is a biker, always away on rallies with his biker friends and usually this consists of all sitting around a fire at night drinking. He has about 5 tankards but I love the fact that you can personalise the ones from Buyatankard.com to give the perfect gift. 

Buyatankard.com is the only place you need to go if you’re looking for a tankard as they have such a huge range of sizes, styles and shapes that you are bound to find the perfect, special gift. Most of the tankards are hand-made from Pewter in Sheffield, and all can be engraved.

They do a smaller size too, a 1/4 pint tankard, which would be a perfect new baby gift. You could even have it engraved with the babies details to make it extra special. 

So, how would you like to win a tankard of your choice from buyatankard.com worth up to £40. You can either pick a tankard of that price or choose a cheaper one and then have it engraved for a more personal present (engraving is an extra £8.40). There are so many to choose from so I'm sure you'll find the perfect one for the man in your life. 

Please remember to check the T&C's at the bottom of the Rafflecopter application and our full terms here. This giveaway is open to the UK only and any entries left that do not follow the mandatory entries will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question the Rafflecopter will then open a round of optional extras, you do not have to enter any of these but these will give you extra entries into the competition. 

And please, if you are commenting on the blog as 'anonymous' can you please write your name in the comment otherwise I cannot count your entry.

Closes 29th June 2014

1 June 2014

A Photo A Day Project Week 21&22

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We've had a nice fortnight and here is my write up about it.

Playing outdoors is super fun, whether it's getting pushed on the swings, jumping on the trampoline, riding on scooters at the park or looking over huge fences, there is always something outside to play on or with. And after days out, playing and having fun, some little boys get tired and have to nap on the sofa., cute little boy!

Friday was Thomas' birthday. We tried to get out as much as possible and so went to a place called Jungle Kids during the day. (you can read about our day out here) This is a big play centre for children which is reasonably priced to go to. We took Thomas' friend Macey and had a lovely lunch there whilst the kids played.

After the play date, we went out for a meal in the evening. We went to The Botanist (you can see my review here) which is a very quirky, uniquely styled restaurant which serves scrumptious food.

The day after, Thomas enjoyed playing with his new present, a tablet, which was from various people. All the money he received was put together, and we added the rest, to buy him it. Since Thomas was on his tablet, Charlie had a go on my phone. 

Project 365, Country Kids, A Photo A Day, Outdoor Play, Trampoline, Swing, Birthday, Scooter, Sleeping, Playing, Swimming, Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blog, Parent Blog,

Again, a lot of outdoor play. Trying to get up to the park quite a bit and playing outside to get fresh air too. Thomas has loved playing with his new toys, his fire truck which shoots water, and his remote control car which goes really fast. 

After doing a little shopping, we popped into a cafe for some lunch. The boys actually managed to stay sat in their seats for a change and enjoyed their slushies. 

The photo of Thomas climbing a tree, I didn't take. The boys spent that day at my parents house whilst I went into hospital with my husband. He was going for the results of a recent scan and to find out how they can help him get over the pain (you can read about how it went here)

For the last day of the week, we went swimming. Thomas loves swimming whereas Charlie isn't as fond of it. I have decided that I am going to start taking him once a week whilst Thomas is at school, to get him used to it more. For once though, he actually wore armbands for a little bit. Charlie usually hates them but it was nice to see him actually been able to play in the water without being held all the time.

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