9 December 2014

Stocking Fillers For Christmas

When it comes to buying little stocking fillers, it can be hard to find a place that does everything you may need, from children's bits up to little gifts for men, but Stocking Fillers do just that. They provide a website that you can go to, to purchase items for everyone in the family. 

I had a budget of £20 to try and pick a few items for the men in my life (my hubby and kids) and even though I thought that this might have been a hard task, it wasn't at all. It actually took me a while to decide on what to pick as there was so much choice. 

My husband is a bit quirky in his style. He likes things that aren't exactly ordinary so I knew that the Retro Camper Van Mug would be perfect for him. He has been wanting his own cup and so it was great timing really too. It's basically a ceramic mug shaped like a retro camper van. The cup sits on the 4 wheels and the handle is a surf board, just to make it a little more retro and authentic. Priced at £5.99 and coming in 4 different colours, I thought it was a cute, funky gift. 

When I was younger, we had the Pirate Pop Game and I loved playing it. Now you can buy it in a miniature, stocking filler version for only £2.99. Basically, the same premise as the original, you insert the cutlasses one by one until eventually it hits the wrong space and the pirates head goes 'pop' and off he flies. The boys have loved playing with this and I love the fact that such a simple game is still capable of keeping children interested. 

The Pull-Back And Go Racing Car was a perfect stocking filler for Charlie who is a lover of cars. Simply pull it back, let it go, and off it whizzes. It even makes a little sound as it goes along the floor. The Wooden Sailing Boat is super cute and the boys love playing with it in the bath, they even fight over who gets to play with it first. Lucky it's only £2.99 so I can easily afford to purchase a couple more of them to keep the fights at bay. Made from solid wood and painted with bold, bright colours, it's a hi with both boys. 

I chose the Kaleidoscope as a little extra present for Thomas as he loves anything to do with pirates and periscopes so I thought that this would be a good toy for him to play with too. And I was right. For such a simple device, it is so effective in capturing the attention of children. Thomas loves the fact that he can hold it to his eye and give it a twist to see the colours and shapes change position. 

View from inside the kaleidoscope 
Now a stocking filler website wouldn't be complete without a few Christmas trinkets and I just couldn't resist this cute Christmas Snow Globe. We have a few snow globes now and this mini one fits into our collection perfectly. A real glass snow globe that features an assortment of characters, ours has a penguin, is so magical when you tip it up and then see the snow falling around him. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the choice of items that can be purchased from the Stocking Fillers website and love the fact that there are cute Christmas gifts, quirky gifts and gifts for all the family. 


  1. I luv stocking fillers. That snow globe is very cute

  2. Great ideas, my boy would love these

  3. These are great for next year :) x