6 December 2014

Splurge v Save at Asda

Now we all know when it comes to Christmas, there is a battle of the prices at supermarkets. Trying to save money is hard work, especially when some decorations and such are out of your price range and mean that you have to settle with last years ones. 

Asda have come up with a way of showing just how great their prices are, with a comparison of their products towards others to show that you don't have to spend a fortune to have gorgeous looking products. 

Staring out with Christmas crackers, Asda's gold and cream cube crackers are priced at £4 are a snatch compared to Next who have them priced at £12 for a similar item. Asda's children's crackers are only £3 whereas the Selfridge's version are £7.95.  

Hanging advent claendars are everywhere at the moment. You can get one from Asda for £8 whilst next sells theirs for £15. Similarly with the Reindeer shaped advent calendars, Asda's are £12 whereas Selfridge's are whooping £44.95. 

There are many other products that you can purchase from asda to save a small fortune when it comes to Christmas, see above to check out the difference in prices. 

All these items and more are available in store and on the Asda website


  1. Good finds! There are definitely some bargains to be had at the supermarkets :)

  2. This is fab!You can always save a penny or two with some items.

  3. I Tend to go for The Budget brand of Christmas Decs, cards & crackers, but If I feel the urge, I WILL rush out to the likes Of Next and Waitrose In January and grab some Quality Sale Bargains and put them away for next year.

  4. What a useful blog. I still have plenty of things to buy and will now include supermarkets in my shopping trips.