3 December 2014

November Degustabox

Each month, I am lucky to receive a yummy Degustabox to review and talk about here on my blog. It is a very simple concept, each month you pay £12.99 and they will send you out a boxed filled with new or exciting products to give you a flavour of new brands. 

This month, the November box contains:

Lindor My Melting Moment
I was so looking forward to trying these out as I love Lindt chocolate, but unfortunately, my youngest son Charlie got there first and ate all but one of them, leaving me with the last one to try out. 
Crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers the Lindor My Melting Moment is a snowflake shaped chocolate, filled with irresistibly smooth melting Lindor milk chocolate which is divine. 

Kettle Chips
I love crisps and so loved trying out the yummy Kettle Chips. The limited edition, Salsa & Mesquite, was one of the original seasoning's when the brand first launched in 1988 and they have this year, brought it back for a short period. Combining a mix of tomatoes, chillies, peppers and the aroma of barbecues to give quite a summer vibe to this cold winter weather. 

Holy Cow Curries
I love trying new brands and Holy cow is no exception to this. We received 2 curries to try out, Mughlai Korma curry sauce and Madras Chettinad curry sauce, one mild and one hot. Everyday home-cooked Indian food has delicate layers of flavour and so these 2 don't taste like the regular curries we are used to eating in the UK. 
I like how they come in a pack ready to pour, simply brown some chicken and then add the sauce and let simmer for a while, serving with rice and naan bread, truly scrumptious. Although do be careful if you;re not great with spice as the latter one does pack a punch. 

Kent's Kitchen Flavour Shots
The Kent’s Kitchen flavour shots are a fab invention. They are a quick and easy way to jazz up boring old flavours and bring taste-buds to life. They are gel shots which, when mixed with diced meat, coats it and adds a delicious taste to enhance meals. The garlic and coriander is really nice and subtle. I found that it worked well when adding to chicken to coat before adding to curry as it gives it that extra hit of flavour. 

Branston Chutney
The new Branston Chutney Caramelised Onion is great for people who love a nice beef and onion sandwich but hate cutting up onions all the time. 
It has a lovely smoky taste to it and works well with most foods such as meats, cheeses and just on crusty bread on it's own. 

Pip Organic Juice
Now this was one of my favourites in the box. Pip produce and award winning range of pure organic juices and smoothies available in a range of take home, made from 100% organic fruit. the juice contains no added sugars, water, preservatives or additives and tastes so nice. We received 2 bottles of cloudy apple juice which was tangy and sweet and really full of flavour. 

Montano Cider
Montano is an elegantly crafted Italian cider made from apples grown in the foothills of the Dolomites. These orchards are the highest in Europe enjoying fresh mountain air and over 300 days of sunshine each year. The result is a golden, elegantly sparkling, medium-dry cider with a refreshing, crisp finish. 
I do love cider and would have loved to try this out but, with me being pregnant, I obviously couldn't, so instead my husband tried it out and said that it has a crisp taste that stands out from other ciders. It's refreshing and full of the apple flavour and tastes like a top quality brand. 

Cool Dawn Recovery
Cool Dawn Recovery Drink is a herbal detox drink that helps to prevent and cure hangovers. It presents a complex and unique combination of citrus and licorice flavours whilst containing no stimulant ingredients and is not carbonated.
Again, not been a drinker and the fact that I'm pregnant, I didn't try this out and instead gave it to my younger brother who was going out that night. Having one at night when he got back from his night out, and one the next morning. He commented that they seemed to give him a boost and help to feel a bit better after a night of drinking. 

Overall, I love this months box. It is full of variety and gives me lots of options when it comes to meal planning and trying to add new flavours to dishes as well as giving me a chance to try out new drinks and flavours. 

If you want to give Degustabox a try, then you can do so with a bit of a discount as I have been given a code to get you £3 off your first box. Simply use the code: 7F4M1 to get your first box for only £9.99. 

You can find more information and order from the Degustabox website. You can also follow them over on Facebook and Twitter 


  1. Love the whole degustabox idea would love to give it a try :)

  2. Pam Francis Gregory3 December 2014 at 19:25

    The Madras sounds great - Love hot curry!

  3. Kettle crisps are my favourite. yum!!

  4. great selection, I love kettle crisps