4 December 2014

#MyChristmasMoment - Christmas Crafting

When it comes to Christmas, I go a bit crazy. I love it, I love everything about it. Shopping (of course), wrapping presents, Christmas songs and decorating the house up. So, I have tried to bring my kids up instilling this into them. The magic of Christmas. The only time of year where the house is filled with sparkling, tacky décor.

I try to make each year different though, with fun activities to keep the boys amused. Last year we made salt-dough tree decorations and this year we have gone for toilet roll Santa's. Toilet roll Santa's are simple to make and keep children amused for hours as they create their own style and use a lot of craft supplies to make Santa.

I find that doing something like this, not only gets children's imagination flowing, but it keeps the festive spirit alive, it gives them something to do to bust the boredom, and it gives you something to cherish throughout the years and to look back on, knowing the you and your kids made something together. 

All you need is a few of the toilet roll inners, paint, glue and cotton wool. You can then personalise your own with extras such as googly eyes, string, beads or glitter, pretty much anything that you want really. 
  1. Start off by marking off where Santa's face will be on the toilet roll and then paint the rest of the roll red. We needed to give it a few coats to actually get it bright red enough to suit Santa. 
  2. Use the glue to stick on cotton wool around the face to create a beard. We also stuck some across the top for hair too. 
  3. Draw on the face, or use craft supplies to create a funny face instead.
  4. Cut up another toilet roll inner and shape it into a cone shape and glue into place. Once dry paint red and top with a cotton wool ball, use this as Santa's hat.
  5. Finish off by adding the last touches, buttons on his suit, beads, glitter, whatever you like really
Leave to dry and then place it on your tree or around your house as a home-made Christmas decoration. It really it a great way to get children into the Christmas spirit, to give them something to do over the school holidays and a way of personalising your Christmas to your family. 

This post is written as a part of the #MyChristmasMoment campaign by StressFreePrint as it has been our favourite moment of this festive period and a documentation of our Christmas memories. 


  1. The look of concentration on your boy's face is lovely! :)

  2. Very beautiful Christmas tree!!!!!!!

  3. Pam Francis Gregory4 December 2014 at 21:18

    How wonderful & creative!

  4. These look absolutely beautiful 💕

  5. I can't wait to do this sort of thing with my kids.