11 December 2014

Emma's Bundles of Joy- Hospital Bags

Since this is my third time round for labour, I already had an idea of what needed to go into a a hospital bag for me and bump but having little ones to sort out, as well as constantly being ill from this pregnancy (I swear it's one thing after another at the moment) I didn't really have time to start collecting things for it and started to panic that I wouldn't have it ready in time. 

Then in came Emma's Bundles of Joy to the rescue. 

Emma's Bundles of Joy specialise in pre-packed hospital bags with all the necessities you will need. From nappies and wipes for baby, right up to shampoo and hair bands for mum. It really is a bag of everything you could or probably will need during your hospital stay. 

The hospital bags come in different sizes. The Mummy and Baby Basics Hospital Bag comes with essentials, then there's the Mummy and Baby Deluxe Hospital Bag which has more than the basics included, more nappies and extras for mum. The Super Deluxe Hospital Bag contains everything from lip balm and slippers to a big towel and a maternity/nursing nightie so is the full package. 

I received the fab Mummy and Baby Deluxe Hospital Bag which is priced at £45. Here is a full list of contents so you can see exactly what you get for your money:

Stylish holdall bag (choice of designs)

For mum 
10 maternity pads
10 breast pads      
Travel shampoo
Travel conditioner 
Travel shower gel 
Travel deodorant
Face wipes
Hair bands
Wash bag

For Baby
Pack of 23 Pampers Newborn Nappies
1 pack of baby wipes
Pack of Cotton balls
10 nappy sacks
3 Muslin Squares

Everything included are things that you will more than likely need whilst you are in labour and recovering afterwards in the ward. It's amazing what you forget to pack when you're not prepared so I think it's great that you can now purchase this one pre-packed for you. No mess, no fuss. 

Plus, the fact that most of the toiletries are travel sized, means that you don't have to worry about them taking up all the space in your bag, they are just the right amount that you'll need for your stay. I also think the flannel is a great extra, not only for washing afterwards but mainly for putting across the forehead whilst in labour, to cool down and help to soothe a little. 

Basically, it means that all you need to add are yours and your babies clothing and you're set to go. Simple and easy. And there's enough space in the holdall the hold all the clothing you may need and those pesky extras such as phone chargers, spare change for machines and parking, dummies and whatever else you think you may use whilst there.

Postage, by courier, for an item so big is £8.50 but you can collect from Bolton for free if you live near. You can order a hospital bag direct from the Emma's Bundles of Joy Facebook page, where she'll also be able to chat to you if you need extra's or and looking for specifics in your bag. 


  1. Love this idea think I will do this next time as I already got all my bits sorted now

  2. great idea, my mum bought and packed a bag for me last time which turned out to be very handy as my baby came early and I was completely unprepared

  3. Such a great idea. I really didn't know what to put in my bag