22 December 2014

Being A #KurioFamilyBlogger - The First Look

If you have been reading my blog lately, you might have noticed that I now have another badge added to my sidebar. The because I have been unveiled as a #KurioFamilyBlogger. As such, I have been sent a fabulous Kurio Tab to review and see how the boys like it. 

The Kurio Tab is the perfect electronic for young children as not only is it fully customisable but parents can control everything that the children using it can go on, from times spent on the tablet, right up to allowing or disallowing internet use. 

Tablet Spec
Display: 7 inch capacitive touch screen
Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
Chipset: Intel Atom Z2520
Operating System: Android 4.4
Storage Memory: 8GB
Camera: Front: 0.3Mpx, Rear: 2.1Mpx
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0
Speakers: 2 x 1W

Setting The Kurio Tab Up
For me, I found setting up the tablet super easy. You go through the regular settings, time, date etc and then it gives you the option of connecting the the internet and creating or signing in to your Google Play Store account so that you can purchase or download more games in the future. 

You then have to set up your parental profile. From here you can change all the settings of the children's profiles and organise it to suit your children and their ages. This part of the tablet is password protected to stop children from getting access. 

You can then create your children's profiles, up to 8 of them. This means that older children can have their very own settings to younger children and you can change all these to suit. The tablet gives recommended settings which you can use or you can configure your own. From limiting the amount of time that the specified profile can be used and what times of day, right up to internet usage and apps. 

I set a profile each up for the boys, choosing the full protective settings on each. They cannot get online from their profiles and each one is set up just for them. You can personalise with an avatar or use a photo of your child. 

What's On The Kurio Tab
The Kurio Tab is packed with apps and content for children. There are

  • Over 20 games
  • Educational apps
  • Over 150 ebooks
  • Music & Videos
The games are absolutely fab to play. A firm favourite with the boys if Cut The Rope 2 which they love working their way through. It's a plus that, since they have their own profiles, they also get to go along at their own pace and complete all the levels themselves. The educational apps and ebooks are great for learning and reading. The music and videos section goes through websites such as YouTube and so can be stopped with the internet access if you don't want your children going online. 

So far, I am thoroughly impressed with the Kurio Tab. I love the fact that it comes complete with a rubber bumper case to protect it from accidental droppings and that it has safety and security of our children at the forefront of it's design.

Over the next month, I will be letting the boys loose on it more and then showing you how they got to grips with it and my overall opinion after then.

You can fin out more information and view more of the Kurio products on the Kurio website


  1. Ive been tempted by these for my 6 year old twins for their 7th birthday in February , but its the lack of internet access I think theyd have a problem with, my little boy is obsessed with Minecraft and spends alot of time watching Youtube videos about it that we've previously vetted, otherwise they look great...!

  2. Pam Francis Gregory28 December 2014 at 19:50

    Great review & very interesting!

  3. Sounds great. I love the fact it has a rubber case too.

  4. This sounds great, and looks awesome. This would make a lovely gift for any child. Thanks for the review!