28 November 2014

Reasons to Volunteer at a Care Home

If you’re looking for something to do to contribute to your community, have you thought about volunteering at a care home? Volunteering can be a rewarding practice where you can learn and enjoy a life-changing experience whilst making a big difference to others lives in your community. Here are some reasons why volunteering at a care home is a great idea for you. You can volunteer at care homes for the elderly with Extra Care and many other care homes or charities which you can find through a simple google search.

Improve Your CV 
Volunteering looks great on your CV and could be the deciding factor for a job over another potential applicant. You can list the experience you’ve gained and even use the care home you are working for as a reference in a job. Volunteering at a care home enables you to develop your social skills, build communication skills and boasts compassion which is necessary to succeed in many jobs. Employers look for employees who are proactive and make the most of opportunities. It also looks great for those applying to universities, it gives the impression that you are a well-rounded individual who has an interest in the world around them and helping others. If you’re thinking of changing careers, this experience might help you get the job and you can discover if working with elderly is right for you before applying for the role.

Increase Your Social Skills 
If you are the shy sort, volunteering may help you come out of your shell. It gives you the opportunity to practice and develop your social skills as you are seeing the same people on a regular basis who all have the same interests in helping others and wanting to give back to their community. Once you’ve grown confidence with these individuals, it’s more likely that you will use those skills with others. Volunteering increases self-confidence and by doing good for others, you achieve a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Learn From Others Experiences 
As you are communicating with the elderly on a regular basis you’ll begin to learn about their interests and pasts experiences. You’d be surprised by how much you can learn from them. Believe it or not they were once your age so may have been through many things that you might be going through now. For the elderly, being able to share knowledge with a young individual may help them regain independence which they felt they lost when they moved to a care home. It can be difficult making the transition from relying on yourself to relying on others, so this will help them regain some pride they feel that they had lost. You can get to understand the elderly’s perspective of different aspects on life and broaden your perspectives of different topics.


  1. What a great way of meeting new people whilst improving your own life skills.

  2. Such a good idea, especially over christmas

  3. This is a great idea not enough people give the spare time to help others x

  4. How important is this makes you realise what we need to do in society

  5. Fantastic, elderly people may just need somebody to talk to, cup of tea and chat may be the highlight of their week,

  6. lovely idea, great work experience

  7. what a great idea.
    i would love to do this even in my childhood i did so many fasts and raised money. would love to do this but i am unable to due to my own health being bad. so rewarding helping others

  8. What a great article for this time of year x

  9. Pam Francis Gregory5 December 2014 at 08:29

    Great article - Thanks for the idea!