4 November 2014

October Degustabox

A few days ago  I was lucky enough to receive my second Degustabox to review (you can read what was in my September Degustabox here) and couldn't wait to get it open. In fact, the kids new straight away by the box that it was full of goodies and so spent no time at all helping me open it. 

Degustabox is a box full of goodies that is delivered to you door monthly and can be yours for just £12.99 a month which includes delivery.  

So without further ado, lets get looking through this months fantastic box and all of its contents.

Kent's Kitchen Bengal Meal Kit RRP £2.50
I have never tried a meal kit before and usually make curries myself but this one is quite intriguing. The Kent's Kitchen meal kit contains three little pots, one with oil for cooking, one with spices and lastly the sauce. They are made using all natural ingredients and come in fourteen different meal kits.
I have never tried a Bengal curry before and so am looking forward to trying this and seeing how it tastes. 

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce RRP £1.39 
Two bottles of this classic dipping sauce are included in the Degustabox this month and are extremely flavoursome. The Sweet Chilli Sauce is something that can work for many meals to give an extra punch of flavour and is something that I always have in the store cupboard.

Enhance Drinks RRP £2.49
These new highly concentrated drinks seem to be everywhere at the moment and it was nice to try out a new brand. They transform water into a light fruity drink with only one squeeze into water. The drinks are made with real fruit juice , natural flavours, and have no added sugar so are ideal for little people who don't need too much sugar. 
Enhance Drinks are available in four flavours; Orange & Passion Fruit, Lemon & Lime, Strawberry & Kiwi, and Apple & Blackcurrant and I thin they are perfect for breaks away or picnics as they are in tiny bottles so are easy to carry but last for ages. 

Solo Toasted Marshmallow Creme RRP £1.99
I've never tried a marshmallow spread before but am now glad that I got the chance as this is just gorgeously yummy. We got the toasted marshmallow creme which had a nice toasted flavour to it and I can imagine that this would work well on any baking items as well as straight from the tub. 

Dr Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder RRP £1.89 and Dr Oetker Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate RRP £2.49
The Dr Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder is a multi-pack of three pre-measured 25g sachets of finest quality cocoa powder. These individual sachets are great for baking and are convenient as they are the perfect amount for baking with.
The Dr Oetker Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate is made from single origin Ghanaian cocoa beans and is described as having an intense and indulgent chocolate taste, great for home baking. It has a recipe for ganache on the back of it and so I think I'll be trying this out next time I bake a cake.

We baked some buns using the The Dr Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder and the Solo Toasted Marshmallow Creme and they went down really well. A gorgeous chocolatey flavour with a sweet, rich cream inside. 

Get Buzzing bar RRP £1.30
I am a big lover of flapjacks and love finding new products to the market and new brands to try out so loved receiving this is my Degustabox. The range of 100% natural flapjacks has been created to provide both fast and slow releasing energy to keep you going throughout the day. It isn't a boring snack though and is packed full of flavour. 

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans RRP £2.50
I must admit that we all loved the Jelly Belly sour jelly beans. They definitely do live up to the sour name and are very strong indeed but my kids loved them. 

Bear Paws Fruit Snack RRP £0.55
My kids love the bear range so were excited to try out this product. They're a pure fruit snack with no added sugars or concentrates and are gently baked to give kids a yummy treat with no nasties. The blackcurrant and apple flavour was nice but quite strong for me, although the boys loved them and I was happy knowing that they were getting a healthy snack.

Special K Cracker Crisps RRP £1.89
I have tried a lot of the Special K range but never the cracker crisps before. like that they have a new sharing bags and the Barbecue flavour is very tasty indeed, although, I think if you are on a diet, having a sharing bag might not work as, like me, you may find yourself eating the whole bag! 
They are also available in Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion and Sweet Chilli flavours which I would love to try also. 

Brioche Pasquier Pain Au Lait with Choc Chips RRP £1.60 and Brioche Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf RRP £1.69 
There are two fresh products from Brioche Pasquier inside this months box. First up is a pack of Brioche Pasquier Pain Au Lait with Choc Chips. These are yummy and sweet and worked very well covered in custard and baked in the oven for an hour.
The second Brioche Pasquier product was a large Sliced Brioche Loaf. I loved this because you could make a yummy sweet sandwich for the kids to snack on but my husband also enjoyed have ham and lettuce inside it as it gave it a unique flavour which he said was delicious.  

Bear Alphabites
This was a little extra in the box this month. As I said previously, my kids love the Bear brand and love these cereal and so both fought over who could have them. In the end, they both won and ate them straight from the packet as a snack!

Degustabox Fridge: This month also sees a Dugustabox Fridge item added into the mix. As fresh/fridge produce cannot be sent through the post this came in the form of a voucher for a four pack of Benecol Fat Free Yogurts or new Greek Style Yogurts which can be used in most supermarkets to pick up a free pack.  

For me, one thing I love is that it is a surprise every month. I think it would also be a great gift for someone who you struggle to buy for as you can get it sent direct to them and let them enjoy a plethora of new products to try out!

Overall, I was so happy with this month's Degustabox and it's one of my favourite boxes as I am a lover of baking and this gave a lot of options to do so. You can order your Degustabox and find out more information on the Degustabox website


  1. What a nice selection. I think Degustaboxes sound great fun - but what a weird name!

  2. Pam Francis Gregory4 November 2014 at 21:26

    Lovely selection - I love sweet chilli sauce