20 November 2014

Christmas Wish List For The Boys

By the amount of things the boys keep on telling me that they want, I think that it's safe to say that this year may be an expensive Christmas. Put that with the fact that we are also having to buy baby things for our impending arrival, it means that it has all been a stretch.

Luckily for us though, I am very frugal and save a lot of money throughout the year and have also been collecting presents whenever they've been on sale too. Just as inspiration though, I thought I would write a list of some of the things the boys have asked for and what is at the top of their wish lists.

Right at the top of the list is a tablet of some sort. Now of course I am not obviously going to go out and pay a fortune for an iPad, but we did manage to snap up a pretty good Bush tablet for only £49.99 which I thought was a bargain. I have downloaded loads of games and educational apps onto it and then removed the internet connection from it to stop the boys from getting online.

Fireman Sam
Now, by this, I don't just mean a Fireman Sam doll, not at all. With thanks to the cartoon channels which seem to advertise every single toy that my sons want, Thomas has decided that he wants to whole set range. From the Ocean Rescue Playset and the Deluxe Fire Station Playset to all the trucks and boats that go with them. Coming to around £150 in total.

Both boys love anything with wheels, but Charlie has a passion for buses and after a bit of searching, I managed to find this cute London style bus for only £20 and I can't wait for him to see it. We have also bought a selection of cars and trucks for both of the boys to play with also, all the perfect sizes to fit in their toy garage.

Board Games/Sets
Now, obviously they are both too young for the likes of Monopoly and Pictionary but we have bought them a few sets made for younger children. Namely, Operation, Guess Who and a rather charming fishing game.

Kidizoom Smart Watch
Thomas has seen these advertised on the television and has been asking for one for ages now so this Christmas, he will be getting one. It can take photos and video and includes a couple of games to play too as well as an alarm clock, stopwatch and voice recorder with funny voice changing effects.

I guess it wouldn't be Christmas without some goodies. We have bought a range of Minions sweets, selection boxes and boxes of chocolates, ready for the big day or treats.

I really cannot wait to see the boys faces when they open up all their presents and find out what Santa has brought them. Lets just hope they keep being good boys and stay on the Nice List!

And just to make Christmas shopping and saving extra easy, My Voucher Codes have bought out this fab widget which shows you a list of this years top toys and the cheapest place to get them. Simply scroll through it and work out where you would be best buying from to save the greatest amount of money.


  1. Lovely ideas. Santas going to be busy in your house :-)

  2. Very sensible to save throughout the year. Christmas is getting more and more expensive for parents.

  3. I try to save all year but I always end up needing the money for bills or for something! As Josh is my first child he's only 2 and I struggle on what children want, because I never had to buy for my siblings, my mum would. We went into the disney store and he loved those massive cuddly toys they were £40 but he did really like them. Luckily when we were home we went on the website and they had them half price! So we got him mickey mouse, my bfs mum got him Donald and Pluto. I know he likes peppa pig, mickey mouse, ben and hollys kingdom, doc mc stuffins and in the night garden so I think we shall go along the lines of them. We have also got him a big car to play with as he's got everything he needs we might just get him clothes too! xx

  4. Some great choices there - especially Guess Who? which is both great fun to play and helps develop logical thinking.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  5. Wow! They're going to love Christmas day! Such a lot of quality items!

  6. wonderful presents! I love the red double decker bus

  7. That's a lovely selection of gifts.

  8. Well done for being such a good bargain hunter.

  9. I'd forgotten guess who existed, great game!

  10. Interesting to see what boys have on their wish list these days - some great ideas for this grandma !