18 October 2014

That One Big Call

Have you ever been waiting for something to happen in your life. Just watching everything pass you by until, one day, you get that one big call that changes it all. It can be from anyone, a friend, family member or someone you work with, but you once you've received it, that something has to change.

That's what happened with Jo Malone...

As I'm sure you know, Jo Malone is mostly known for her fragrance ranges, probably mostly for her candles. She does a range of bath and body products and fragrances for the home that are all absolutely stunning. 

The video below "The Big Call" is about how Jo Malone started out, all the troubles she went through and how, in the end, she accomplished her beautiful fragrance range. 

As you listen to her story, we get to learn a lot about what she has been through. Starting her first job at 16 which was in a flower shop and loving how the fragrance of the flowers surrounded life. The flower shop gave her a creative library of fragrances and this ended up forming her business which she opened by buying plastic tubs and worked in a tiny kitchen to get creative.

Unfortunately, Jo sold her business when she was diagnosed with cancer which eventually she beat after fighting it for year. After this time, she wanted to get back in to making her own fragrances but everything that had happened, left her a little disheartened, to the point where she nearly gave up, until, one day, her friend gave her a call...

Have you ever had that one call which changed everything for you?


  1. what a great story, inspirational woman!

  2. I have a couple of jo Malone candles. Didn't know this is how she start out

  3. What a heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing x

  4. Pam Francis Gregory21 October 2014 at 19:06

    Fantastic story & a remarkable woman

  5. was good to see her on the apprentice your fired programme the other night, seems like a lovely lady