16 October 2014

Styling A Blanket Scarf

I not a person that likes wearing scarf's, I find that they get too warm around my neck and make me all hot and bothered thus being uncomfortable. I know that scarf's are supposed to be warm, but for me, they just don't work. I hate the feeling of them being around my neck and much prefer to be free. 

It is a shame though as I always love the look of some of the styles that are on the market, especially the blanket scarf's. You know that ones that are extra large and usually have fabulous prints on them. 

That's why Accessorize have created this fun video showing how to use a blanket scarf in creating different styles. To show you just how creative you can be with a scarf.

First of all, I must admit that I love the scarf they've used in the video. It has such a Bohemian and I can imagine that it would suit a range of different outfits. 

Out of all the styles shown, I love the ones above. 
How creative, to instead of just shawling over the shoulders, to instead  let it flow down and fasten it in place with a belt to create a whole new style. 

I also love the over the shoulder style. It is protective on the neck and will keep you warm, but doesn't look restrictive and, as well as keeping the neck warm, will also keep the shoulders and tops of your arms warm too. 

For me, I love seeing videos that show a creative side to something that is usually only used in winter to keep us warm. I like the creativity and the fact that one scarf can become many different elements on an outfit. 

How do you style your scarf? Are you a regular wearer or do you do it in style?


  1. I am like u and dont wear scarfs but these look so cute


  2. I have this scarf!!! I usually use it like a shawl though but these are some good ideas

  3. Good timing as I bought one of these in a Primark haul and then thought to myself, how on earth do I style it! Thanks.

  4. who knew you could style a scarf in different ways

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