2 October 2014

Scottish Friendly’s Letterfall UK Championship Update and Winner

Letterfall, from Scottish Friendly started on Monday 22nd September and was a game you play online, competing against others to try and win the title and get to the top of the leaderboard. 

The game was simple to play as you basically capture falling letter tiles as they come down from the top of the screen and you use these to create words with them. Once you'd created a word, those letters will disappear. But it got harder as you would get forfeits for not using the timer tiles in time and some of the letters have to be used twice before they disappear. Even harder, some of the tiles can only be removed by blowing them up. The game ended once the tiles filled the screen to the top and then your final score was calculated.

It's was a very addictive game to play and I loved it because not only is it fun but it got the brain working and there was a chance of winning prizes.

Now it has come to an end though, I can reveal that Nichola Leaver has been named the country’s leading wordsmith after winning the national online word competition after playing on the Scottish Friendly Letterfall website.

The competition ran over two months with Ms Leaver, who hails from Wrexham and studies in Chester, winning the regional championship for Wales and then topping the UK Final with a score of 62,414 – more than 13,000 points clear of her nearest rival.

Ms Leaver commented: “I’ve always loved word games but to be honest, I never thought I was going to win. Letterfall is an easy game to play, but when the pressure is on, especially when you are closing in on the top score, it did get a little nerve-racking.

The game was really popular and was played 865 times in England, 306 timed in Scotland, 140 times in Wales and 258 times in Northern Ireland with each of the winners from each region pocketing £100 each and Nichola then going forward to win the whole thing, snapping up £500 and the trophy.

I wasn't very good at the game as I am not very good at thinking of words at speed but here are a few of the top scoring words if you were lucky enough to get them:

  1. Bramblings 
  2. horseplay 
  3. Hogshead 
  4. Exculpate 
  5. Sawhorses 
Do you think you would have got any of these words?

Scottish Friendly have sponsored the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour for the past 15 years, and, with the Scottish Book Trust, have brought fantastic authors to children in schools and libraries across the country. This Letterfall UK Championship ties into their work of encouraging children’s literacy by giving parents and big kids a game that is enjoyable, rewarding and educational.

For more information, you can follow Scottish Friendly on Twitter where you can also find out more about them and what they do. 

This is a sponsored post which has been written in association with Scottish Friendly.


  1. hahaha I was playing this last night....For about an hour....lol SO addictive!

  2. I can't decide whether this game is fun or annoying. I am SO bad at it lmao

  3. I never want to see this game again!! So addictive, I ended up having to go to work with only an hours sleep! I was just so annoyed that I couldn't get better words, mine were pretty pathetic, yet I have a very wide vocabulary!