15 October 2014

Making Messy Fun!

Over the past 5 years, since having children, I have realised that mess isn't actually a bad thing. It means that your children have had fun.

For the first year of Thomas' life, I think I did everything possible to have a tidy house. Cleaning toys away constantly, having towels under the highchair in case of spills, always using a changing may. That was until we went abroad and then I realised just how much fun getting a bit messy can be. 

It was so warm in Spain that most days ice cream was an necessary food item for keeping cool and we all know what that means, a messy child. I have taken many photos of the boys eating like they've never been fed before but I think these ones of Thomas are super cute. 

Of course, it never all went into his mouth and a mess ensued. 

As he grew up this became the norm for everything, toys strewn across the room was a daily occurrence in our house or even, you boxes all emptied out to make a place to sit. That is obviously more fun than playing with toys!

My makeup had to be hidden out of reach once Thomas decided to try on my eyeliner like army stripes and in sure he really shouldn't be eating snow. Definitely not if it's yellow haha!

Then Charlie was born and it all doubled. He loved yoghurts but was really independent and liked feeding himself. I got used to the fact that my carpet now looked like a multi-coloured mural. 

He even managed to get it in his hair, ears and on his eyelashes too, but he does look cute so I can forgive him. 

As boys get older, they just seem to like mud even more. Jumping up and down in muddy puddle I blame of Peppa Pig! But the boys love it. 

Going on walks in the rain becomes a case of who can get muddiest (it's usually Thomas) and to be really honest, when you're jumping in puddles the size of small swimming pools, wellies don't work. We figured this out when, after a walk, we managed to tip half a pintof dirty water out of Thomas' wellies haha. 

But all in all, I must say that I wouldn't change them for the world. Yes, they get dirty, clothing gets ruined, things get wet, but that's how memories are made. 

And when it boils down to it, isn't that we all want? Our children to look back on life knowing that they had fun and got to grow up as children. 

My boys are my world, and even when they emptied out the contents of three toy boxes and proclaimed that they are now to be called 'boy boxes' I can't help but laugh at their cheeky faces. 

This is my entry into the Two Little Fleas messy children competition.
Two Little Fleas


  1. Thank you for entering. Good luck and I love your little messy man

  2. some of my favourite photos are of my kids covered in food or paint