27 October 2014

Do You Throw Out Your Babies Clothes?

Did you know that 87% of new mums resort to throwing away baby clothes because the stains are too bad and that soiled baby clothes are costing new parents £600 a year to replace, that’s a staggering £4.2m to families across the UK.

I remember when my children were babies. Sometimes, stains were so bad and tiredness has set in, meaning that I just ended up throwing whole outfits away instead of trying to get rid of the staining. 

6 in 10 mums worry about using harsh stain removal products on baby clothes. I was one of these mums and wouldn't use stain removal products at all on anything for my babies as I assume that they might be too harsh for my baby’s skin.

Asda have revealed that 87% of parents have had to throw away their baby’s clothes due to staining, with almost half of parents (48%) doing this at least once a month.

I'm sure any mum knows what colour everything baby related is, orange. Orange poo, orange baby food and juice too and most of these just don't like to come out in the wash. I remember doing extra loads of washing every week just to try and remove stains from my babies clothing. 

In light of this, Asda has introduced a new laundry range, designed especially for babies and formulated for the softest and snuggliest of washes to keep mum’s worries at bay. Adding to its already popular Little Angels brand, the range of detergents includes non-bio gel, non-bio liquid, non-bio capsules, non-bio powder, fabric conditioner and a non-bio oxy powder stain remover – perfect on the toughest and messiest of stains, yet gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

I think this is a great idea as, trying to protect baby's skin is so important when they are newborns and so having detergents that are specifically formulated for babies is an important thing to have. Little Angels laundry detergents are available in Asda stores and online now, priced from just £1.50.

These stats are from a poll commissioned by Asda to launch its new range of Little Angels detergents.


  1. I always bought extra clothes as I knew loads would get thrown away lol

  2. lots have gone to rag recycling for a small amount of money, the stain remover looks good

  3. Pam Francis Gregory11 November 2014 at 18:01

    Always passed on anything left!

  4. i eBayed the nice expensive stuff :)

  5. some clothes have to be thrown away well actually i stick them in textile recycling banks so dont feel too bad

    caroline w