17 October 2014

Creating A Baby Boys Bedroom

I have been trying to put off doing bumps bedroom for a while now. I am not that creative and didn't want it to just be plain and creamy boringness like I see that most are. I want my baby to be able to grow up in it, not having to change every few years to suit a growing boy. 

And so, that's why I've started looking round for inspiration and created a cool mood board to help me with my design. 

We are lucky that we've always had the spare bedroom, the boys always wanted to share and so the extra bedroom is just plain cream at the moment. Being the smallest room, it is still a good size, and will hold everything we need for our baby when he arrives.

So to start, I decided on a colour-way. Since the boys room is medium blue, I decided to go a lighter blue this time. Still blueish but not the same as the other room. Not too garish or anything but just the right shade, darker on the main wall and lighter on the rest. 

Then, thinking about how a room could grow as the child does, I decided on using wall stickers to finish off the walls. For the baby stage, I thought a jungle theme might work. You can get them that come with a central tree and then animals that feature around the sides. Spacing this throughout the room would look so cute and finish off with some small prints. 

I remember just how much stuff I had with my first 2 children and so would love to get fitted storage for everything. One whole wall taken over by cupboards, drawers and shelving so that we needn't worry about needing space to put everything. After searching around, I found the Cassia play room design which I thought would suit this perfectly. 

To match, a gorgeous cot-bed in pine that would not only suit front birth, but would also grow as bump does as the sides can come off to create a junior bed. Not only does this match the furniture but it is super cute too. 

For me, a nursing chair is a must. I remember struggling to feed the boys, slouched in the most uncomfortable chair possible. A nursing chair combats this as they are padded for comfort and glide to help baby drift off to sleep. They usually come with a footstool too just so mum can be extra comfy. The one we have reclines also just in case I get a little snoozy whilst waiting for baby to drift off. 

To finish off the design, I would go for a cute jungle themed rug to match with the walls. That way, the whole room comes together as one and stand out as a lovely little boys room.

The perfect thing about going for this design is that wall stickers and the rug can easily be replaced as our baby grows to suit what he likes and this way, it isn't costing us a fortune to redecorate every few years.

Are you currently pregnant? How would you design a boys room? Do you have some ideas or is it a case of working out what fits together?

In collaboration with Betta Living


  1. The jungle theme is very pretty and will last ages too


  2. lovely colour, im currently 15 weeks so dont know what the gender is yet, I already have 2 girls and both bedrooms are in pink, we havnt decided where we are putting the baby yet. Need to have a good sort out upstairs

  3. Pam Francis Gregory27 October 2014 at 17:47

    Some great ideas!

  4. Some lovely ideas love the jungle theme :)