11 October 2014

Asda's 2 for £14 Toy Sale‏

Now Christmas is getting closer, it's time to start thinking about purchasing presents for those youngsters in your life. I love buying from supermarkets as it makes it so much easier, not having to venture out again in search of presents and toys.

At the moment, Asda have a fantastic deal of 2 for £14 on a range of their toys. We were sent out 2 of the toys to try out and see what we thought of them. we got a Little Tikes Build and Play Dinosaur and a Monster Jam Radio Controlled Car and the boys loved getting to grips with these. 

First of The Build and Play Dinosaur was fantastic for any little boy who loves taking things apart. All the screws can be taken from the dinosaur so he comes apart and then they are also easy to re-attach together to put the dinosaur back in to one piece. 

The toy comes with a plastic screwdriver included and extra screws too so that children can get straight on to the task at hand of unscrewing the bolts. I love the fact that not only is it a toy that can be played with in this way, but it has moveable parts too and small wheels on the bottom for easy manoeuvrability.

The Monster Jam car is a fab toy. We always have problems with the controllers getting lost but not with this remote controlled car as it has a wire which attaches it to the car. Not only does it go super quick across the floor, but it has a cute little ramp that makes car noises as the car rolls over the top which the kids love. 

It is easy to control, both boys have had a go and love the fact that it has the ramp to jump about from. A must have for little boys that love fast cars that can jump around. 

For us, we have taken advantage of the 2 for £14 deal and stocked up on some toys for the boys for Christmas which I can't wait for them to see on the big day. And what's more, if you want some great deals then make sure you get down to Asda from the 14th October as you could save up to half price on over 100 toys in the retailers exclusive toy sale. 

Both of these toys and much more are available in-store and on the Asda website now in the 2 for £14 deal. 


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I am going to Asda tomorrow so will take a look. I have already started my Christmas shopping and like to take advantage of any sales or offers!

  2. the dinosaur looks great, my little girl is obsessed with dinos

  3. My son loves Q pootle 5

  4. I always shop at Asda and its good to know they have some good deals on for parents. Xmas can be so expensive