17 September 2014

Wrapped For You - Personalised Chocolate

When it comes to buying special gifts, it can be a daunting tasks. I often worry that I'll buy the same gift as someone else or choose something that the recipient doesn't like and it can get me all flustered. 

So when I cam across Wrapped For You, I knew that they would come in handy for all my personalised gift needs as they personalise chocolates for all occasions and being honest, who doesn't like chocolate.

The chocolates come in three different sizes, minis which are 20p each, midis that are £1.20 and maxis which are £3.95. Once you have decided on size, you can then pick from any design on the website to have on your bar, failing that, you can even send your own images or logos for the wrapping. You can then personalise more with the recipients name, a message or anything you like that would suit. 

I decided that I would love some of the personalised chocolate for Charlie as it was his 3rd birthday and it would be nice for him to have something made for him. I gave Kerry, the owner of Wrapped For You, free reign on the design, just letting her know that Charlie loves any sort of vehicles. And I was pleasantly surprised when the delights turned up a few days later. 

The bars come well packaged and thoroughly wrapped to ensure that they don't get broken in the post. Inside the package was a mixture of the mini and maxi bars. 

The minis came with a cute little dumper truck on the front of them and the words 'Charlie is 3!' which was so adorable. Inside the paper and foil wrappers, there is a yummy little chocolate bite-size piece which is the perfect size for a child.  

The maxis had 3 diggers on the front with the words 'Happy 3rd Birthday Charlie' but instead this time is a huge bar that would be great just as a gift on it's own. The chocolate is absolutely divine. The kids loved trying out the minis and one evening, we all sat down and shared one of the big bars. Smooth milk chocolate bars which are sumptuous, the minis come in mint too just for an extra flavour. 

The whole range included a little card and a mini chocolate wrapped inside a cellophane wrapper. This is supposed to go in a memory box or whatever you use to store memories in, as a keepsake of your personalised purchase. I love this idea as it means that you can look back on a certain birthday or event and remember all those precious memories. 

We had a little tea party for Charlie and a few family members came around to celebrate. They all loved the fact that they got their own little chocolate to eat and I thought that these would be great for party bags for small children. 

Overall, the ordering experience was simple and receiving the lovely lot of personalised goodies was not only lovely but they tasted super nice too. I think that personalised chocolate would be ideal for parties, party bags and even for little special treats for events and gatherings.

You can find more information and order from the Wrapped For You website and using my code yorkshiremum10 will get you 10% off any order. 


  1. what a great idea my maddy would love these if they had girly pictures on them!!!

    Caroline Belsham

  2. Aww! What a lovely idea!! I'm a sucker for anything personalised x