17 September 2014

Top Tips on Back to School Photography

It’s important to capture all the defining moments of your child’s life. From baby pictures and nursery snaps to back to school photography and their first holidays, these picture will be ones you’ll want to go back to again and again. When it comes to starting school and all the benchmarks thereafter, you will want lovely pictures to match these great occasions. Here are some tips to ensure you get top quality back to school photography:

Embrace the Mood of the Day
Your little one may be excited, nervous or (as they get older) moody. If you are struggling to coax a smile from their face, make light of the situation and snap away anyway. One day you will all be able to look back and smile.

Natural Poses
You will want the classic picture poses but make sure you capture some more candid moments as well. Get some shots of your offspring with their new friends and the siblings together having a laugh (or more likely, bickering).

Capture their Favourite Things 
The back to school shots can serve as a record of all your child’s hobbies and favourite things at the time. Get toys, favourite books in the images and take pictures in their bedroom to show their interests at the period the photos were taken.

New Teacher
If possible see if your child’s new teacher will pose in a picture – the moment they meet for the first time may make for a sweet image.

Go In Situ
Take some snaps at the school – your child’s new natural environment. Pictures in front of the chalk board or on the playground make for nice settings.

Get the Whole Family Involved
If possible invite all the relatives over to celebrate the occasion and capture the image using your camera’s timer so you can also be included.

Get a Professional in
Such a special occasion calls for the professionals. Book a session at your local photographer’s studio and get some images you’ll be proud to hang on your walls.

Devil in the Detail
Get some close-up shots of details like your child’s new school bag, stationary and badge on their uniform.

Get Arty 
Get some chunky pavement chalks and get your child to draw some pictures or ask them what they want to be when they grow up and write it yourself. Your child next to these pictures and phrases will add another element to the pictures.

Mix it Up
Go classic with some black and white images to make the colour ones even more vibrant.

Hard at Work
Back to school isn’t over when your little ones leave home in the morning. Get some shots when they come with the work they’ve done during the day.


  1. I'm glad that my phone has a great camera as I always forget to take my camera out with us

  2. we had a photographer come round on my girls first day at school i was so proud of her and have photos on my wall from every stage of her growing up